Saturday, December 4, 2010

23 weeks

another week has passed. 23 down, 17ish more to go! yesterday morning i woke up to a terrible charlie horse in my calf. no fun! i've heard they are common during pregnancy, but that was my first one...and hopefully my last. i eat a banana every morning, which is supposed to help, but maybe i should start eating more! at 23 weeks, baby girl is a little over 11 inches long, and weighs just over a pound (the stats weren't too specific). some days i feel like she never stops moving in there. it's hilarious. i'm starting to feel her during the night now, too. i see many sleepless nights in my future :) 

we went to two holiday parties this week for organizations that thatcher is a part of. it was fun to show off the belly. at one, a woman told me "you think you know what love is now, but the truth is, you have no idea what love is until you meet your child for the first time." interesting thought. one that i'm sure i won't completely understand until i get there, but it resonated with me. oh, and another woman simply told me "you're HUGE!" (ummm thanks?)

i'm starting to stress about the holidays. i just feel like these weeks between thanksgiving and christmas fly by and i haven't even started my christmas shopping. i need to get on that. hopefully the nursery will get painted this weekend. that's the plan. i'll be sure to post pictures when it's done. 

23 week style! it's funny how i see myself in the mirror everyday and don't feel like i'm that big, but then we take the weekly picture and i'm like WHOA!

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Annie said...

oh my goodness, i feel for ya on the charlie horse! i had one a few weeks back it hurt for an entire week. looking forward to seeing the nursery!! you look super cute girly! your bump is adorable!
hope you are having a great weekend hun!


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