Sunday, November 14, 2010

liz's baby "sprinkle"

last night i attended a baby "sprinkle" for one of my best friends, liz. her sister and i planned it in honor of max, her second baby who is due in mid december. we can't wait for him to get here! unfortunately since the weather looked like this all day:

a lot of people had to cancel at the last minute. it ended up just being me, liz, her sister emily, her mom carol, my mother in law cheryl, and sister in law cedar. we had a great time eating dinner, talking pregnancy (and labor! ha!) and watching liz open a few gifts and packs of diapers. we tried to make the gift-giving not the main focus since it's her second baby.

here's a picture of the whole group:
definitely *not* the most flattering camera angle for this girl, but everyone else looks cute.

since liz, emily, and i are all pregnant right now, i insisted that we take a bump picture of all of us. you know, so someday we can be big dorks and show our kids. here is the mama and the mamas to be:

me at 20 weeks,liz at 36 weeks, and emily at 20 weeks (she is due 2 days before us!)

and the front view, just for good measure. 

alright max, you can come join the world any time now. we can't wait to meet you...and I'm sure your mom would appreciate it! :)

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