Sunday, November 21, 2010

a fall, an icy drive, and a sleepover

last night was an adventure, to say the least! thatcher and i went out for dinner with our next door neighbors and then went back to their place to watch a movie. we left around midnight, and right when i got to the bottom of their front steps, i slipped and fell on the ice. i fell mostly on my right side and my palms, but of course i was really worried about baby. we went inside and called the 24 hour nurse line. they transferred me to the labor and delivery ward at the hospital and the nurse asked me if i was experiencing any cramping, or contractions, or bleeding. luckily i wasn't! but i wasn't feeling baby moving around at all, which really worried me. i was crying and could not stop shaking. it was awful.

the nurse recommended we come to the hospital to get checked out, but warned us that the roads were really bad. that was an understatement! we ventured out and quickly learned just how bad the roads were (there was freezing rain coming down). we got on the highway, drove for a while (going 15-20 mph) and saw tons of spin-outs, including a huge firetruck that spun out a few cars in front of us. so scary! it got to the point where we felt like we were putting ourselves at risk just trying to get to the hospital, not to mention it was taking forever. we ended up exiting the highway near where my aunt and uncle live and calling them to see if we could spend the night. we figured driving all the way home at that point was not a wise decision. i called the hospital to tell them we weren't coming and they told me i should go home, lay down, and see if i could feel baby move. (i still hadn't yet). we made it to my aunt and uncle's safely a little after 1am (can you say way past my bed time?!) 

i layed down and within minutes, i could feel baby girl moving around. i know i said the first time i ever felt her was the best, but this time takes the cake! i was soooo relieved to be able to feel her in there and know she was at least mostly ok. it took forever to fall asleep, but i finally did. this morning i was anxious to feel her again, and it took a little while, but she's been really active for most of the morning. i'm so thankful.

so, i survived my first pregnancy scare and hopefully everything is ok in there. i figure she's still pretty small and she has lots of padding around her to protect her. it's amazing how i've already become so much more concerned for her well-being than my own. i swear i could have broken my leg and not cared as long as i knew she was ok. i'm going keep monitoring myself today to make sure nothing worsens. 

i guess i have a lot of years of worrying to look forward to, huh? :)    

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