Saturday, November 27, 2010

22 weeks

yesterday marked 22 weeks! we both had the day off and i could have updated yesterday, but i thought i'd stick with my saturday routine :) we had a great thanksgiving. we split the day between my aunt and uncles' house in the afternoon and thatcher's parents' house in the evening. and yes, i ate at both...cuz i can. hehe. the afternoon was just my practice round :)  i got my fill of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and pie for a while, but it was all delish! i was lame and didn't take any pictures. 

at 22 weeks, baby girl is up to 11 inches in length and nearly a pound in weight. big girl! in the last couple days, i've been watching my belly twitch and move as she dances around in there. it's so funny. i love how active she is. 

we started working on the nursery this weekend. thank goodness it's a 4 day weekend, because it's a lot of work! so far we have cleared out all of the office stuff, cleaned, and taped. today is priming and tomorrow is hopefully painting. i think most of my work is done, since i'm not supposed to help with the painting. i'm going to save the pictures for a special nursery post, so stay tuned! 

i have to say...this 22 week belly is getting sort of out of control...but i love it!

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twolittletots said...

Hi Melissa-
Yes! I will credit you back your is just easier that way then to change all of the shipping cost in the shop!

Congrats on the baby girl! And thanks for your order! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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