Saturday, November 20, 2010

21 weeks

we've made it another week! at 21 weeks, baby girl is 10.5 inches long and weighs around 12 oz. she is becoming more active in my belly and her dance moves are getting stronger. i love feeling her move around in there. so does thatcher! i think it makes this whole thing feel more real for him. luckily for me she's still pretty quiet at night and doesn't kick me in the ribs yet. i's coming. last monday we had our 20 week appt with my doctor. she told us our ultrasound looked perfect (so thankful for that!), baby's heartbeat was nice and strong, my belly is measuring at exactly 20 weeks, and my weight gain is on track (that's all the details you get about that one) :) it's the best feeling to come away from another good appointment. 

we are getting ready to start her nursery (our current office). we bought paint last week, we decided to go with this nuthatch color from sherwin williams below, the room will also have white trim and colorful bedding, etc. 

 or as thatcher likes to call it "nu thatch"

lots of emptying out to do in the office before we can actually paint, as the room currently looks like this. wish us luck!

yep, it's a mess! just keepin' it real here in blogland :) 

and finally, here's the 21 week belly picture for your viewing pleasure ;)

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