Saturday, November 13, 2010

20 weeks

halfway to my due date! wait, what?! how did that happen? i swear it was just the other day that we told the world our friends and family that we are expecting. how is it possible that the last 12 weeks have gone by faster than the first 4 weeks when we were keeping this baby a secret? i remember people telling me at the beginning "it'll go fast" and i would just smile and nod, not believing them. well, i'm a believer now. i'm suddenly thinking of everything we need to get done in the next 4.5 months, which sounds like a long time, but i know april is going to come fast. we haven't started the nursery yet (or as thatcher likes to call it the baby's "crib"), we haven't signed up for birthing class, we haven't registered, etc. *breath melissa*

in other news, i got quite the shock from my baby center weekly email update yesterday morning. it informed me that my baby GIRL (still getting used to that!) is now 10 inches long. say what?! what happened to 6.5 inches i read about last week? it turns out that up until week 20, babies are measured from crown to rump (since they are squished into a little ball and hard to measure), but from week 20 on they are measured from crown to feet. i guess i missed that little big detail. baby girl also weighs around 10 oz. so 10 and 10. grow baby grow! i think i've forgotten to mention that thatcher has been feeling her move in the last couple weeks, so that has been fun.

oh, and this morning we woke up to this:

hello winter wonderland!

kelli, dani, and i ventured out to mall of america for a little shopping. it was a successful day, if i do say so myself. take a look a these adorable finds from old navy (on sale!):

hello my little loves!

and last, but not least, here is my 20 week picture:

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