Tuesday, October 12, 2010

on sleep

last night i had my first real night of less-than-stellar sleep since i became pregnant. i'm hoping it was a fluke, but something tells me it's probably the beginning of many sleepless nights. the problem was my hips...and my thighs. they ached like no other...all. night. long. i know that i have some extra weight protruding from my front, and things are growing and moving around and expanding, but why on earth does that make my legs hurt? it's so strange. all i know is i felt a constant urge to switch sides and even stand up a few times to relieve the pain. i tried using an extra pillow to prop things up, but it wasn't the right size. i think i need to invest in some sort of body pillow. 

pregnancy is not for wimps, my friends. :) 


jss said...

I sleep better now with an infant than I ever did when I was pregnant. It's the pits. Just wait till you can only sleep in one position and you're up peeing every other hour. Good times. ;)

Emily said...

I have a body pillow that I love. I'm still switching sides all the time, but the body pillow makes a huge difference for me.


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