Sunday, October 17, 2010

in my dreams

ever since becoming pregnant, i've had super vivid dreams every night. apparently this is very common for pregnant women. i don't really know why, something about our out-of-whack hormones. :) i usually can remember all of the details of each dream right when i wake up, but they fade soon after. surprisingly i rarely ever have dreams about giving birth or raising a baby. if i do, they usually feature me with a toddler that i don't know and feel really bad because it's supposed to be my child. last night was a marathon dream night! i must have had 5 or 6 separate dreams that starred family, friends, neighbors, and random acquaintances. haha! i must be anxious when i go to sleep because although none of them were nightmares, they all had a running theme of things going wrong. i woke up multiple times in the night thankful that they were just dreams. i can't say i'll miss this part of being pregnant!   

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