Monday, October 18, 2010

16 week appointment

this afternoon i had my 16 week appointment. thatcher skipped out of this one and that's okay. these middle pregnancy appointments are pretty routine and there's no real reason for him to be there. the appointment went well. got to listen to baby's heart again. nurse nancy found it right away. heart rate was 160. nancy asked if i had any feelings about the sex. i said no (because i honestly don't). she said she guesses it's a girl based on the heart rate...and the fact that most of her patients are having boys lately and it's about time for a girl. haha. sounds very scientific :) obviously this is not official. we have our big ultrasound on nov. 5th and we'll find out pink or blue then (assuming baby cooperates). i've been feeling him or her moving around a lot today. now that i know what it feels like, i pay more attention to it. love love love it! 

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jss said...

The Husband went to exactly one doctor's appointment -- the one where we found out the sex. I totally felt like the white trash mommy sitting in the ob/gyn's office all alone and pregnant (especially when my wedding ring stopped fitting) but those appt's are so boring, there was never any reason for him to be there.


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