Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the word is out (sort of...)

friday, august 20th 
today was a big day! we had our first pre-natal appointment and we told my parents the news! i was so excited to finally go to the doctor. up until this point, pregnancy sort of feels like it's all in your head. you've gotten a positive test, felt a little nauseas, etc. but for some reason there is still a little bit of doubt in the back of your mind. what if i'm just crazy and there isn't really a baby growing in me? thatcher came along to the appointment. we saw a nurse practitioner, not my actual doctor, which was interesting since i've never met this woman and pre-natal appointments are a little...personal...if you know what i mean. :) we get to see my regular doctor next month. then it alternates between the nurse and doctor each appointment after that. the appointment went really well. we even got to do an early ultrasound and see the baby's heart beating on the was amazing! the nurse said everything looks perfect and based on the size of the baby (5.5 cm), i am 8 weeks along. so my guestimation was pretty accurate. our due date is april 1, 2011! woo hoo for an april fools baby! :) and now behold...the first pic of our babe:

see that little circular blob in the middle? that's our baby! (cutest circular blob ever!) :)

we had planned to make a cake and write the due date on it to bring to my parents' for dinner tonight. we sort of went the lazy route and bought an angel food cake, then frosted it and wrote the date. it looked like this:
we headed over to my parents' with butterflies in our stomachs. i get nervous anytime i'm about to share news with people, even if it's good news. i knew i wouldn't be able to wait very long, so right when we walked through the door we said, "come see the cake we made for tonight!" we all gathered around, and my dad goes "what does it say? april 1, 2011? what's that?" i said "that's for you to figure out." all of a sudden my mom goes "oh! i know what she is!" and started squealing and gave me a huge hug. my dad says "are you really?" with wide eyes. it was adorable. they sort of had a feeling this announcement might be coming, but they were still surprised and super excited! of course the rest of the night was spent talking all things baby. it was so much fun! the only downside was that my brother couldn't be home for it. we have plans to tell him in the next couple days, though. i can't wait to see his reaction. 
here are my parents and i. happy "you're going to be grandparents" day :)

here is our official 8 week picture: 
sunday, august 22nd
tonight we shared the news with thatcher's entire family. we had them all over for homemade pizza. we made one "special" pizza in the shape of a baby. when thatcher's mom was pregnant with his younger brother, his parents made a "pizza baby" for his sister and him as a fun way to tell them they had a sibling coming. so we thought it was the perfect way to tell them they are going to be grandparents. thatcher set the pizza on the table. everyone awwed and said "it looks like a pizza baby, how cute." followed by a few moments of silence. all of a sudden his mom says "wait, you aren't trying to tell us something are you?" we said yes and everyone seemed sort of shocked. after processing the news, the shock changed to excitement, so that was good. after they left, we called a few family members and close friends. it feels good to have it more out in the open, although we still have a strict "no writing on our facebook walls" rule at this point. i guess it's just sign of the times. here are a couple pictures from tonight:

pizza baby!

heather, anders, cedar, and jack

stayed tuned tomorrow for the posts on the rest of my first trimester...then you'll be all caught up! if you missed yesterday's post and you're a little confused, it's right below this one. 


Durant Imboden said...

Sorry, Melissa, but your story of the original pizza baby (the one from Thatcher's childhood) smacks of revisionist history, possibly to conceal Thatcher's cannibalistic tendencies.

What actually happened was that, when Cheryl was pregnant with Anders, little Thatcher was feeling jealous and said "I wish it was going to be a pizza baby so we could eat it all up."

A few days later, I baked a pizza baby (a Neapolitan-style savory version of the traditional Danish birthday "cake man"). We served the pizza baby up at the dinner table, Thacher enjoyed an arm or a leg (I forget which), and Thatcher's jealousy was either defused or channeled into something other than Italian-American cuisine.

Melissa said...

The truth comes out! I just told Thatcher and he says he doesn't remember. haha

Anders said...

No picture of Brandon's reaction?! It must've been good!

twolittletots said...

Congrats!!! So happy for you guys. Hope you are feeling great!


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