Sunday, August 29, 2010

we'll be going to the state fair...see ya there!

today we went to the state fair with our neighbors, ryan and rebekah! we always go on the first sunday of the fair, because the gopher marching band plays that day and since thatcher was in the band in college, he likes to watch. well...we didn't check the schedule this time and they ended up switching the dates, so we didn't get to see the band. he was bummed. but we still had fun! :) 

here are ryan and rebekah chowing down on some corn

and thatcher and i...yum yum!

today's fare included: french fries, cajun fried pickles, corn on the cob, and a chocolate malt from the dairy building. mission accomplished! we also watched a logging competition and went to see the crop art that thatcher's sister entered. it was her first time and she did a great job!
it's a birthday present for their brother, pretty cool! 

o how i love the fair! my summer is officially complete!


jss said...

Ahh! We were totally at the fair on Sunday too! The deep fried mashed potatoes on a stick changed. my. life.

joanna said...

hi melissa, you commented on my blog, so i'm commenting on yours! so your parents have a condo in venice, huh?! we absolutely love it here with all the old people!!!!!! ;) and you're one of THOSE that clog up our roads?! :) glad to have you here. we love us some tourists (but too bad we can't go out to dinner for 5 months of the year!!!!) ha!


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