Thursday, August 12, 2010

before and after

last week i promised to show a few before and after pics from some (small) projects around the house. let's start with the kitchen faucet.

let me just say, i've hated this faucet since we bought our house almost 3 years ago. no one could ever figure out how to turn it on when they came over...and well, it was just ugly. so we took a little trip to home depot a few weeks ago and came up with this nice kohler one. thanks to my dad and thatcher we now have an (intuitive) and pretty faucet!
much better, don't you think? there are so many other changes we'd *love* to make to our kitchen, but we simply don't have the money at this point in our lives. i know i know, who would want to get rid of those sexy 90's sea-green counter tops? :) 

the next project we (er, i mean thatcher) tackled was the lovely bushes out front. i actually didn't have that much of an issue with them, but thatcher did. i could have sworn i took a before picture, but i can't find it on my computer anywhere, so this lovely "during" one will just have to do.
thatcher dug the tall bushes out and replaced them with these

i love them! to be honest, this project isn't totally done. we need to add some more plants in the front and get rid of those weeds, but you get the idea. so here it is!

i told you they were small projects. but we get excited about these things nonetheless!

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