Monday, June 21, 2010

well, i took zero pictures this weekend

but i still want to recount my weekend, because it was a fun one. 

friday night i met my parents and my bestie, kelli in uptown for the nature valley bicycle festival. this is the second year they've held it in uptown and it's so much fun to watch. they block off the streets and there are professional men's and women's races, where they go around a course at 30-40 mph! thatcher was helping out, so we didn't see much of him, but my parents, kelli, and i went for dinner at green mill and then went back to see the end of the race. kelli and i had a craving for ice cream (what else is new?) so we stopped at crema afterwards. it was a picture perfect summer night there, full of families and couples with a late night sweet tooth just like us. 

saturday morning i met my high school friends, katie, anna, and michelle at isles bun and coffee in uptown. i had never been there before, but i've heard that they have the best cinnamon rolls around. i'm gonna go ahead and agree with that claim. yum! i also love spending time with these girls. i'm so happy they are still a part of my life after 10+ years! saturday afternoon i went to a bridal shower for an old work friend, kara. i was a little nervous since i wasn't going to know anyone, but it ended up being a lot of fun! everyone was so nice and i got to see her twin sister (who i also used to work with) and her sister's adorable baby. that night i hung out with my neighbor rebekah because thatcher was hosting "nerdy game night" at our house. at least that's my name for it :) we ordered take out from cafe maude and ate it on the patio with cosmos. why cosmos, you ask? because we went to see sex and the city 2 afterwards, of course! i loved it! it's not often that a sequel is just as good as the original, but i thought this one was. 

sunday was father's day, i wrote a sappy post about my dad and meant every word of it. :) my dad and i went for a 16 mile bike ride on the parkway up to minnehaha falls, around part of lake nokomis, and back. and i didn't even whine! haha. we had thatcher's parents, my parents and my brother over for dinner. we made pulled pork in the crock pot. SO good and SO easy! we also looked at pictures from his parent's stay in venice. 

my weekends have been packed full lately and while it stresses me out sometimes, i feel thankful to have such great friends and family to spend time with!

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