Sunday, June 13, 2010

thatcher's 28th birthday

we celebrated thatcher's birthday with his parents yesterday afternoon. they came over to our house and we slaved away bought lunch at kowalski's :) 

maggie always comes along to our house....if you can't tell, she thinks she's a lap dog!

blowing out the candles on the DELICIOUS brownie cake made by my father in law

later that night, we went to the twins game with our friends kelli and dave. our tickets were from my boss and theirs were dave's season tickets, so obviously they weren't together. we ended up finding 4 random seats together though, so it worked out well!

the weather wasn't great, but we stayed pretty dry...this june has been ugly!

dave and thatcher chowing down on their chicken fingers....although it looks like dave has his eye on a cute girl or something :) 

thatcher told me yesterday that since it was his birthday, he was allowed to be as annoying as he wanted. i'm so glad we have 364 days until that rule goes into effect again! 

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