Thursday, June 17, 2010

summer of dresses

this idea was started on twitter by a girl named nicole (@nicycle) from minneapolis.  she's actually an old friend of thatcher's and he told me there was an article in the star tribune about it today. confession: i'm not actually on twitter, i just stalk follow people on there via rss feed.   

nicole is your average jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but she declared this to be "the summer of dresses" and pledged to wear a dress twice a week. it quickly caught on in the twitterverse, so she started a website where people can submit pictures of themselves in a dress. I thought it was a really fun idea! check it out for yourself: 

summer of dresses

love buying and wearing dresses, but for some reason I don't wear them as often as i should. But the summer of dresses just might inspire me! :) 

where is your favorite place to get cute dresses?

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