Tuesday, June 8, 2010

adventures in sleep talking

the other night, i awoke around 4am because i heard thatcher coming upstairs to our bedroom. 

me: what are you doing?
thatcher: are you KIDDING me? you just told me you heard a noise and that i should go downstairs and check on it, so i did. you already fell back asleep..? you know when i go downstairs to investigate it's your job to stay awake and listen for it again.
me: (completely bewildered) i did...? i don't remember saying that.....or hearing a sound. i just woke up because i heard you come up the stairs. 
thatcher: ugh, i'm going back to sleep!

apparently i've become such a worrier that i hear noises in my sleep and tell the hubs to go check on them. awesome. he's a a lucky man :) 

i guess it's not as bad as the time i was telling him about a red balloon over by the window...

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