Sunday, May 9, 2010

on falling behind, dogsitting,and mother's day

i'm only a couple weeks into this new blog and i already feel like i'm falling behind. so i'm gonna fix that! it's been a busy week. the company i work for held it's first ever user conference, so i was preparing for that all week. it went really well! friday night i got together with two of my favorite girls from high school, anna and michelle. i love that they are still in my life. we have so much fun together. we had a great dinner at salut on grand avenue in st. paul.

yesterday we added a guest to our house for a few days. meet chester:

he lives next door and he is our doggy nephew :) he's staying with us until tuesday. i call our house the doggy hotel because we dog-sit a lot. everyone always asks, "why don't you just get a dog?" the truth is...i don't want my own dog. i love having other people's dogs stay with us for a few days and then send them back. all the fun, but not all the responsibility. :) (by the way...i do not have this same mantra when it comes to kids). those i want all to myself!

can't forget to mention that today is mother's day. here's a pic of my mom and i from a couple months ago:

i feel so lucky that my mom and i have the relationship that we do. we made it through my teenage years virtually unscathed (compared to many girls i knew). i truly consider her to be one of my best friends. it's cool to see your relationship with your mom evolve as you get older. i'll always be her baby, but there's a new level of friendship and understanding that has developed. i only hope i can have half as good of a relationship with my own daughter (or son) someday.

happy mother's day to all the mamas out there! can't wait til i'm one of them!

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