Wednesday, May 19, 2010

jack attack

thatcher's sister, cedar and our (almost) three year old nephew, jack are in town for a couple weeks and we're soaking up all the jack time. we only see him a couple times a year and every time he seems to have grown by leaps and bounds, both physically and developmentally. it's so cool to see! since he is the only nephew/grandchild in the family, he gets all sorts of attention! when we visited their family in california back in september, he referred to us as "thasser" and "oissa." and now he actually pronounces my name with an "m" at the beginning. :) here are some pics of the aunts and uncles playing with jack:

on sunday, we all went to the lyn-lake festival. there was lots of good food, music, and my personal favorite - people watching! jack thought it was super funny to wear my glasses. not sure why he's covering his face in both those pictures. what a silly guy!

i love perfect sunny may days like these!

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