Saturday, May 15, 2010

4 years

i can't believe it's been 4 years already since i graduated from the university of minnesota duluth...

mom, brandon, me, thatcher, and dad after my graduation

it seems like just yesterday i was complaining about tests and papers and missing thatcher like crazy while he was back home going to school. but we all know the ending to that story, so i guess it wasn't time wasted :)

sarah, heidi, kaylee and i on heidi's 21st birthday

i had a really good experience at college overall. umd was far enough from home without being too far. i met 3 fantastic girls who i ended up living with all 4 years. i still keep in touch with them and i'm so happy they are in my life!

since graduating i've worked for almost 4 years as a marketing coordinator for a software provider for nonprofits, which i love!

thatcher and i went to london and italy...where we got engaged

got married

and bought a house

Some may think we're living life in fast forward, but i wouldn't change a thing!

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twolittletots said...

looks great to me. enjoy your married life, it is the best!

thanks for stopping by!


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