Wednesday, April 21, 2010

our 2010 highlights (so far)

i thought about starting this blog a few months ago (you know, like a new years resolution kinda thing) but i just got to it now. that said, i still want to share what we've been up to the last few months.

so, without further ado...


the most exciting thing we did in january was take a trip down to florida. my parents have a condo on the gulf coast and we try to make it down there every winter. sun country was our friend this year, rocking our world with $140 round trips tickets.

as you can see, it was a little chilly down there in january. we've been spoiled during past january trips with 80 degree sunny days filled with laying on the beach and swimming in the pool. this trip was more like 50 degree sunny days filled with sweatshirts and jeans...but still fun nonetheless.

we got our bike on

we ate ice cream from our *favorite* place, nokomis groves...twice

best of all, we spent quality time with my parents :)

i love my home away from home!

At the end of the month, one of my dear high school friends, mollie got married

here we are along with 2 other high school friends, emily and marina


thatcher and i met in 2002 while working for the community education program at our high school. we fell in love over searching the supply room for card stock (true story). thatcher worked there for 8 years total and i worked there for 4 years total. we made some amazing friends during that time and we try to all get together a couple times a year to catch up.

we had everyone over to our house for a night of fun

also in february, thatcher's sister and our nephew visited from california. it's always so fun to see our nephew, jack. he changes so much in just a few months. here's the gang all skyping with thatcher's parents in italy.

i love this little guy


i don't have much for march in terms of pictures, but my bff kelli and i got to go to the john mayer concert for free! it was so much fun.

we also saw john mayer in 2002, but sadly i don't have any digital pics of that. nothing like seeing the same artist 8 years apart to make you feel old :)


april is still in progress, but we've had unbelievably nice weather. following the first march ever with no snow, april has been delicious with temps in the 60's and 70's and lots of sun!
we were lucky enough to attend the first ever twins exhibition game at the brand new target field. it's a beautiful stadium!

we got to attend the game thanks to these awesome guys (and season ticket holders) who hooked us up. thanks dave and tom!

here's the hubs and i having a great time. go twins!

Whew! that was a lot to absorb. sorry! i promise all of my posts won't be this long-winded.

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twolittletots said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! so much fun you are a twin cities girl too. my husband loves the twins, so i think we will be heading to many games this summer.

and i love how you highlight your months, what a great idea!


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