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lots of playdates, a housewarming party, halloween prep

 the kids are almost 2 weeks into the school year. at the beginning of the school year, each day always feels so memorable and individual. then october hits and all of a sudden it's may. ha! so i'm preparing myself for that. last monday azalea got to start her full 6th grade schedule. she has homeroom followed by 6 classes (world cultures, math, science, study hall, mythology, and language arts), each in their own room with different teachers and kids. i think she's really liking this change. she's still spending most of her social time with kids she knew from elementary school, but i'm sure that will change as time goes on.   ashford has been insisting on daily play dates with fritz and arlo after school. it feels like a lot of work at times, but hard to say no when he doesn't get to be in class with them. we rotate houses, which makes it more manageable. tuesday morning my friend kay had a small group of PTA moms over to talk about planning the fall festival

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