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 another week of january down. as i've mentioned, this is my least favorite month of the year. it always moves at a glacial pace and i'm antsy for travel plans and spring weather. speaking of spring weather, we had a couple days in the upper 50s last week. but overall it's been a super rainy/gloomy month. i've been doing dry january (i did it last year too). i miss my weekend wine, but it feels good to take a break from alcohol for a month. my clothes fit better too - imagine that! we had a pretty typical school/work week here last week. every day that the kids are able to stay in-person feels like a little victory. lots of seattle schools have been switching to remote, but they are doing it on a school by school basis (when needed), rather than the whole district this time. thatcher went into the office twice last week - he hadn't been there since mid december. it still feels weird to have the house all to myself after almost 2 years of that never happening.  one

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