Tuesday, August 1, 2017

goodbye july, hello minneapolis!

we had a full week around here last week. azalea did soccer camp at the community center every morning and she loved it. the afternoons were a bit dicey between the kids and i, but we all survived. thursday night we got to have dinner with thatcher's cousin jade and her husband ben who are here from portland. in june she started a 3 month contract for work in seattle, so we've been meaning to get together! we met them at mod pizza in our neighborhood. they were so helpful with keeping the kids entertained, especially after all the pizza was long gone :) hopefully we will see them again before the end of september when they go back.

as for the weekend...friday night we hung out at home with the kids. we made spaghetti, gave them a bath, and they went to bed pretty early. 

saturday we headed out for a family hike (thatcher finds a way for a hike to happen every weekend now, ha). he chose a trail about an hour and a half away in the mountains near cottonwood lake and mirror lake. unfortunately the hike ended up being sort of a bust. ashford was uninterested in walking from the very beginning, the terrain was a lot of small rocks which made all of us (except thatcher) fall on our butts at some point, and worst of all - there were tons of swarming flies. we went a little ways past cottonwood lake, but didn't make it all the way to mirror lake.

it was very pretty though! 

 we stopped for lunch at chipotle on the way home, so i was a happy camper. i did some walking errands by myself when we got home. we scrounched up some dinner from the fridge and hung out with the kids the rest of the night.

sunday we didn't have any plans. after breaking up one too many fights between the kids by 10am, thatcher and i decided to separate them for a while. he stayed home with ashford to build legos and i took azalea to a park in wallingford. we came home for lunch and then i took both kids to the wading pool while thatcher went grocery shopping. it was a beautiful day! it's supossed to heat up to the 90's the second half of this week and i'm glad we'll be gone :) we made pizza for dinner and the kids went to bed early. super early for ashford after he fell off our computer chair and cut his head on our desk. sighhhh. i actually got to sneak away after their bedtime to meet up with my neighbor martine for a couple drinks on ballard avenue. we had a fun night together, even if it was a sunday. ha! 

today is a sad/happy day in my life. it is the two year anniversary of my dad's death, but also the day the kids and i travel to minnesota for 2 weeks. i can't imagine a better day for it to fall on as it means i get to be with my mom and my brother. how two whole years have gone by already is beyond me. i hate that it is starting to feel "normal" that he is not here anymore. i miss him so much and don't want it to feel normal, but normal is a form of peace right? peace and acceptance and moving forward. not a day (or even a half day) goes by without me thinking of him. i would give anything to hug him or talk with him again. a part of my heart is gone forever, but i can still feel his love no matter how much time has gone by. 

minneapolis here we come! 

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