Monday, February 27, 2017

february wrap up: mid-winter break, girls night out, park time

the last weekend of february is in the books. i have to say, february went by twice as fast as january did! i'm so excited for march and hopefully some nice spring weather - hear that seattle?! no more of this upper 30's/lower 40's rain stuff. we were spoiled at this time last year with much nicer weather. also, my minnesota self is like "why are you talking about spring already?"  

backing up a bit...azalea was off school all last week for "mid winter break" (yeah, i don't know why that is a thing either, especially when they get a whole week in april for spring break). not to mention ashford is basically done with naps, soooo we had lots of time to fill. thankfully i was able to bring azalea along to the co-working preschool 2 mornings. other than that, we had lots of trips to the playground, a coffee shop visit, some movies and endless board games at home. she is looking forward to being back at school again :)

friday night i went out with my group of mama friends to a restaurant in my neighborhood called the sexton. i've walked by it a million times, but it was my first time going there. it's a southern comfort food themed place (yummo!). the cocktails and food (fried chicken, waffles, mac & cheese, brussels sprouts, etc) were all so delicious. i was stuffed when we left. catching up with these ladies was a great way to end the week! 

saturday we didn't have any plans. thatcher ended up taking the kids to the library in the morning and i did a little invoicing at home. after lunch, we all laid down and took a 2.5 hour nap! this was my biggest parenting win of the week, if not the month ;) it felt so good! in the late afternoon, i took the kids to the park. ashford is becoming a little dare devil!


we had breakfast for dinner and then watched "inside out" for a movie night with the kids. 

sunday morning thatcher took the kids to the zoo, so i could get some more invoicing done. i went to toast coffee shop to work, then got my hair trimmed quickly afterwards. it had been at least 7 months! in the afternoon, thatcher met up with a friend and i hung out with the kids. it was a rainy and cold day, so we stayed home. we had "fend for yourself" dinner (aka every one ate something different) and the kids watched "the incredibles" which has been a big favorite around here lately. we always do baths sunday night (and, er, maybe one other night of the week) ;) 

hope you had a good weekend! i have some new clothes coming in the mail this week, so if they are winners, i will share. 

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