Monday, February 6, 2017

february so far

it'ssss monday! we had another quiet weekend here. i know i sound like a broken record lately. truth be told, i've been in sort of a funk. we haven't had much going on and and yet i'm feeling burned out. burned out on parenting, burned out on what's happening to this country, and burned out on winter. while i love the idea of a "lazy" day at home once in a while, it's just hard to actually have a relaxing day at home with young least not with my young children. ;) 

our weekend consisted of: work time for me saturday morning while thatcher took the kids to a recreation center (the kids love the ball pit there), board gaming for thatcher and a friend at a game store/restaurant in our neighborhood, skype date with uncle anders and aunt nith, a trip to the library and the grocery store. sunday we stayed home for most of the day. thatcher and i were both feeling tired and we couldn't come up with anywhere to go as a family. the kids wanted our attention and for us to entertain them every second. i know that won't always be the case and some day i will miss it (?), but today is not that day. i am just exhausted. not to mention ashford has been refusing to nap more often than not (and barely sleeping more at night to make up for it). we watched the super bowl through the half time show and then i went to my friend heather's after dinner to write postcards to elected officials with some other ladies. that was super fun and productive!

we woke up to a couple inches of snow this morning and a message from the district that schools are closed all day. sighhh. 

i was supposed to take ashford with me this morning to check out a brand new co-working flexible workspace geared towards work from home parents that has an attached prechool. so cool right? you can do a set # of mornings per week or buy an hourly punch card. ashford does not need to be potty trained to go, but i do need to stay on site in case he needs to be changed. i'm excited to check it out, it could be a great fit for us! we will still try to go depending on the roads. 

finally (to add a little more positivity to this post!) we are going to vancouver, canada as a family in a couple weekends and i'm so excited for a little getaway. 


Carol said...

I don't think that anyone with young children can have a "relaxing" day at home (if they're not at daycare) unless the kids nap all day, and we all know that the chances of that ever happening is zero. (I used to wonder why it seemed that I needed more sleep than the kids did---they didn't nap a lot or seem to sleep all that much at night either. I always wanted to "borrow" their unlimited energy!)

katielookingforward said...

Hooray for the good things! I haven't experienced the kiddos always needing you part of life, but you will get through it. Keep up the good work!


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