Friday, December 16, 2016


our trip to minneapolis is almost here! the kids and i fly out tomorrow afternoon. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the impending snow storm they are expecting does not mess up our travel plans. it sounds like they will likely get around 6 inches, which isn't a huge storm, but definitely enough to mess up the roads and possibly the airport. 

today is azalea's last day of school before her two week winter break. she has a one hour early release this afternoon, so i better set an alarm so i don't forget to pick her up then :) that's really going to throw a wrench into ashford's normal nap time, but oh well. tonight i get to go to a karoake party to celebrate my friend erica's 40th birthday! 40!...i'm the baby of our group. one other mama is 32 like me, but the rest are between 36 and 40 :) 40 used to sound so old. what happened? ha! i also get a little "me time" to get my nails done tomorrow morning before heading to the airport. merry christmas to me! 

i'm sure our 6 days there will fly by. we will be there for ashford's 3rd birthday, which will be fun. we wish thatcher could come, but he is out of vacation time after his laos trip. we will be back in seattle to spend christmas with him. 

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katielookingforward said...

Safe travels! its 11 am in minneapolis and no snow yet, but I heard its still coming....ugh. enjoy your time once you're here!


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