Monday, December 5, 2016

december happenings: holiday dinner, christmas tree, aquarium

it's december, fa la la la! thatcher got back in town last wednesday evening and i don't know who was more excited about it - me or the kids ;) poor guy though, the jet lag has been hitting him hard. especially the last couple days. he is doing what he can to keep working, parenting, sleep at normal times, etc but it's hard because he feels like he's in a fog for a lot of the day. hopefully his body will be adjusted back soon. 

let's see...what has been happening around here. last thursday i went out with my best mama friends for a holiday dinner. we went to a place in my neighborhood called bramling cross (my first time!). the food and wine were delicious and we had a great time catching up and enjoying some adult conversation :) i know i say it a lot, but i can't imagine what my life in seattle would be like without these ladies. i'm so happy i met them! we were short vanessa who couldn't make it because she was sick. we missed her! 

friday morning we put the ornaments on our tree (finally!). the kids had a blast and were sad when there were none left to put up ;)

 some shots of this year's tree: 

i also gave the kids the christmas jammies i bought for them (i know some people do this christmas eve, but i figure they get more use out of them if i do it now). they humored me and took the cutest picture in front of the tree. i couldn't believe it! they had just gotten out of the bathtub, so hence the wet hair. 

saturday morning the whole fam took a trip to the seattle aquarium. i got free passes last week from the community center (i have no idea why they were giving them away, but it was awesome because the aquarium is not cheap!). we spent a couple hours there looking at the sea life. we all really enjoyed it! it was fun to do something different, too.

in the afternoon, every but me took a nap. normally i would too, but i was way too excited to get started on our christmas cards that arrived in the mail. i popped in elf and got to work. it was a blissful 2 hours of me time :) we just hung out for the rest of the evening. 

sunday morning was bright and sunny, so we took advantage of it and met our friends vanessa and ewan at the playground. 

i swear i'm becoming so wimpy when it comes to winter weather. last winter in seattle i never felt cold, it felt amazing. but now my body has gotten used to it, so 40 degrees feels really cold. the minnesotan in me is ashamed! haha. i'm sure when i visit minnesota this month, i'll remember what real cold feels like! although they are forecasting highs in the 30's here and maybe snow this week! eek! 

in the afternoon, i took azalea to a birthday party (yes, another!!) for one of her buddies from her preschool class last year, tyler. he is also in kindergarten at her elementary school, but they are in different classes. it was at a bowling alley and a bunch of the preschool families from last year were there, so it was really fun! it was azalea's first time bowling and she did great (they used bumpers). 

we had some pizza and cake and hung out with everyone. the coolest part of the party, i thought, was that the birthday boy decided that instead of receiving gifts from the guests, he wanted people to bring in items to be donated to the local food shelf! i loved it! azalea was a bit confused why anyone would choose that over gifts, so it was a good learning experience for her. 

the rest of the weekend was spent making soup and watching a movie with the kids. i'm happy to report i've been watching a christmas movie every day (sometimes 2) to get through all my favorites. it's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it! :) 


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