Thursday, October 20, 2016

ashford says...

now that i've been remembering to document these, it feels like ashford has a dozen cute/funny quotes a day! here is a sampling lately: 

"mama. why are the sprinkles not on?" (the sprinkler)

arranging a stack of playing cards proudly, "a cheeeese sandwich"

when riding in the car "why is the moon following us?"

"mama, that dog was so sweet"

"ba-jant" how he referred to my mom while she was in town. short for "grandma jan"

"i play with my junk" said while he was laying down for a nap and i have no idea if that was actually what he meant, but i laughed so hard.

"don't be funky"

looking at the ceiling light while having his diaper changed, "how did that get attached up there?" 

"do you toot in the summer?" 

"i have some sauce on my beard" 

i could not love him more! 

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Haha! He's so funny!!


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