Friday, April 1, 2016

march 2016 wrap up

3 blog posts this week - wowza! before we dive into april, i wanna tie up a few loose ends from last month. 

we are finishing up a week of the most glorious weather ever. every day has been bright blue skies and 60-70 degrees, pretty much heaven! we've been taking advantage of it as much as possible with lots of trips to playgrounds, parks, beaches, ball fields, and out for ice cream. 

ashford and i went to gasworks park with friends for the first time since moving here. (i went there in 2010 when we vacationed in seattle). 

i know easter is over, but i couldn't resist the 70% off candy and easter decor at target this week. 

last night we had my friend alicia over for dinner. i've mentioned her before, but she is originally from georgia and she is one of my cousin lindsey's best friends. lindsey connected us when i moved here because alicia also has lost a parent to cancer. i've really enjoyed getting to know her over the last few months. she and her husband are soon moving to nashville for his residency. i'll miss her a lot! after dinner we headed to golden gardens beach to watch the sunset. we hadn't done that since last summer and i forgot how breathtaking it is! 

the kids enjoyed dipping their toes in the (chilly) water too! 

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