Thursday, March 3, 2016

february is in the books

oops - i've been mia this week! we've had uncle anders in town again. he stayed with us for a few days on his way back from laos and it was another fun visit. he and thatcher and the kids went to snoqualmie falls on sunday and then to a model train show and out for pizza. we went to mighty o's and top pot for donuts (gotta cover all our bases). we also went to the children's museum and made a brief visit to golden gardens beach. he was nice enough to share this picture of him and ashford - can you handle that smile?! 

sunday afternoon i had a date with my friend alicia (who is good friends with my cousin lindsey). we had lattes at the cutest little place downtown called "moore coffee shop" and then did a little shopping nearby. it was really fun - i rarely ever go down town and especially not without the kids, so i really enjoyed that time with her!

in other news, "fuller hour" premiered on netflix last friday and i'm hooked! it's gotten a lot of flack for being cheesy with horrible acting and story lines, but i'm not sure what people were exactly expecting? in my opinion it's a guilty pleasure spinoff created for the fans of the original and i think they did a great job with it! it's so nostalgic for me and crazy to think the original series finale was in 1995! i was such a fan and apparently still am! i'm about halfway done with the first season and i hear a second season is on the way! 

Netflix Releases the First Fuller House Photos

and finally, i'm super excited because my brother purchased tickets to come visit us in april and our friends becky and jeromy and their 2 little girls are officially coming in july! 

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