Tuesday, February 23, 2016

my goal is to blog once a week...

and it's been 8 days, so here i am to fill this space to make future melissa happy ;) i don't have anything earth shattering to share, so bear with me! let's see...

last friday night i went out for dinner at a gastropub in belltown with my friends teresa and allison. it was originally supposed to be a bigger group of my mom friends celebrating "galentine's" day, but the date that was picked didn't end up working for quite a few of them in the end. but we had fun! this guy photobombed our selfie outside the restaurant and we couldn't stop laughing: 

"winter" in seattle continues to amaze me. it actually feels like we never had a winter, more like it went straight from fall to spring. yes, it rains here. a lot. but the highs have been around 50 (and lows in the 40's) for the most part lately. it's so weird to me to have winter be "over" at the end of january. the grass is bright green, there are flowers popping up from the ground and the trees are budding and starting to bloom. i think they have a really long spring here because it isn't really considered summer until july. last year was an unseasonably warm/dry june (which was when we arrived). somtimes i find myself feeling bummed if the temp drops below 40 or if we haven't seen the sun in a while. i'm getting too spoiled. somebody give me a swift kick in the butt! 


i've had the itch to buy warm weather clothes lately, even though it'll be a while before i can wear them. i've bought a few things recently that i'm really excited about like these shorts and sandals from target:

and these shoes from white plum (i got the leopard):

we all took a trip to the children's museum last monday when thatcher was off work. it was a complete zoo there, but we decided to get a membership since it's sort of a no brainer. but i'll be honest, the thought of taking both kids there by myself is super intimidating since they don't want to do the same things at the same time or be in the same area (except in this picture, of course). i think it'll mostly be family trips there or just me and ashford on preschool days. but nice to have another "go to" place, and it's only about a 15 minute drive.

uncle anders is coming back this weekend (from laos). after staying for a few days, he will head back to minnesota for about a month before moving to laos to be in the same city as nith. we're looking forward to hosting him again and doing some fun stuff while he's here.

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