Monday, January 4, 2016


happy new year! we had a wild and crazy new year's eve over here. let me tell you a little about it. 

first we grilled burgers for dinner, then we watched some pbs kids, then we gave the kids a bath, then they went to sleep, then i sat on my couch in my sweatpants, then we watched the ball drop at 9pm, then we watched house hunters on hgtv, then i fell asleep on the couch before 10pm. awesome right? :) but i woke up friday morning to the news that my best friend kelli and my cousin lindsey got engaged that night. 2016 is gonna be a fun year for weddings! 

new year's day my friend chrissy invited us to join her and her husband and her little boy eli at golden gardens beach. apparently it's the place to be on new years day - people bring their christmas trees to burn in the fire pits, they also picnic and play volleyball, and strip down to their swimsuits and run/jump into the chilly water! chrissy really wanted us to do that last part with her, thatcher and i both said "thanks, but no thanks". ha! it was a really fun morning. it was in the 30's out and the sun was shining and the view was spectacular. chrissy took her dip in the water and we all watched and were thankful to be warm. :) 

  throwing rocks never gets old

it's not a frozen body of water, but a cold one

azalea is happy to pose for pictures these days, but ashford is not. haha

chrissy, zach, and eli (who was a little under the weather)

saturday we ventured into the cascade mountains to see some snow (the minnesotan in me is like we're driving to go see snow? lol). it was crazy to go from no snow in seattle to the most snow i've ever seen in my life up in the mountains - they have gotten 10 feet in the last week or so. it was incredible!

driving through snoqualmie pass

we stopped at a ski resort (which was packed)

we didn't bring our snow gear to seattle, so we weren't really dressed appropriately. it was 10-20 degrees and after a little bit of walking and playing, our fingers and toes were frozen and we were ready to go. 

did i mention it was amazing?! 

our tree is down and i'm a bit sad to say goodbye to the holidays, but sort of looking forward to getting back to some routine. 

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Brittany said...

Those snow covered trees are gorgeous! So so pretty and totally worth driving to look at them :)


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