Monday, November 2, 2015

halloween 2015 & grandpa durant's visit

our final guest in 2015 is heading home today - grandpa durant! he came to visit us for a week and we enjoyed showing him around. we took him to the locks, carkeek park, two different donut shops, downtown and more. he also got to be here for halloween, which was fun!

azalea had her preschool halloween party on friday during the last hour of the class. the families were invited to join and bring a snack or treat to share. this was just a portion of the spread. i was amazed there were no restrictions on what we could bring. apparently none of the kids in her class have food allergies. 

 it was so fun to see all the kids in their costumes and azalea loved getting to wear her princess dress! 

thatcher was working and his dad went downtown to have lunch with him, so only ashford and i attended. there was halloween music playing and at one point azalea took my hand and said "mama let's dance!" so we did. (no one else was dancing, so it was pretty darn cute). 

ashford enjoyed getting to partake in the fun too! he just barely tolerated his dragon costume, though. 

the kids all lined up for a costume parade through the community center and out to the play ground where the paparazzi parents took a bunch of pictures.

 do you see that huge smile on her face below? it turns out she is totally down with having her picture taken if she's with all her little friends and they think it's fun. haha, i'll take it! 

 halloween night we were invited to our friends heather and brian (and son liam's) for a potluck and trick or treating. there were probably 5-6 other families there (all moms that i know). there was tons of delicious food! the parents and kids set out for trick or treating around 6:00. it had been raining and super windy all day, but luckily it died down in time for us to go out. it was around 60 degrees out, so it felt a little warmer than halloween in minnesota. 

here are the kids before we left (their smiles crack me up!)

ashford loved tate's lion costume and agreed to wear his hood for a little bit: 

just a little excited!

both kids were super into trick or treating this year, which was so fun! i mean, ashford was a little confused by what was happening, but he figured out it was awesome pretty quickly. their neighborhood had tons of trick or treaters out!

ashford finishing off the night with a kit kat. good choice! 

halloween was fun, now excuse me while i go turn on some christmas music. weee!


Becky said...

Looks like an awesome Halloween!! 😊

Becky said...
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