Monday, May 4, 2015

thank you and some updates

thank you, thank you for all the well wishes about our upcoming adventure. it's been so fun to share our news with everyone...and dare i say makes it feel more real? the whole thing is still pretty surreal to me. i think it will slowly feel more real as we put our house on the market, take our trip out there (and hopefully figure out where we are gonna live!), start packing, etc! i don't think my head has stopped spinning for the last 2 weeks. 

moving sale update

as i mentioned, we had a moving sale on saturday and sunday last weekend. we had tons of clothes, home/holiday decor, kitchen stuff, baby and toddler clothes, toys, and books and a few furniture items. it was a ton of work to put together, and i'm glad it's over :) 

 this is just a fraction of the stuff

its amazing how much stuff we've accumulated in the 7.5 years of living in our house (and almost 9 years of living together). since we'll likely be moving into a much smaller space, we are purging pretty much everything we don't use on a regular basis. it's crazy, but freeing in a way! saturday was a great day for the sale, but sunday was much slower. we sold a ton, but are still having to take a couple trips to the local donation center to get rid of the rest. 

that wheel barrow was a coveted item. haha

seattle housing update

i'm currently lusting over some rental units in seattle and crossing my fingers that they will still be available to tour this weekend when we visit. the market moves super fast out there, it's sorta stressful! we have a couple tours lined up, but won't be surprised if they get canceled during the week due to being rented out. i just wanna know where we are gonna live, so i know how much (or how little) we can bring. 

house selling update

our house is going on the market this week! ahhhh. we've been spending every free (kidless) moment painting, decluttering, cleaning, etc. thankfully houses are selling really fast right now. it would be super exciting to get an offer while we are gone over the weekend. fingers crossed! 

our kitchen looking cuter than it's ever looked, thanks to new gray walls

telling azalea update

we finally officially told azalea about the move the other night. she kept giggling as we told her she will have a new room (and probably will share with her brother), new library, new playgrounds, new grocery store, etc. and that we have to fly on an airplane to get there. i really wonder how much she understands what is happening, but so far she seems okay with it. except for us selling a ton of their toys over the weekend. she wasn't a fan of that. she is not coming along this weekend and will be staying at the grandmas and grandpas' houses. 

this week: 

goals for this week - finish decluttering, make our house look spacious, clean clean clean, truth in housing inspection, professional pictures thursday, listed by friday. wee! 


Lisa said...

I am so excited for you guys! I caught up on reading your blog posts last week (three kiddos don't usually let me read much! :) ) and never had a chance to comment to tell you guys congratulations! And I related to your reservation about moving away from your Dad- I'd feel the same way. I am sure they'll be out to Seattle to visit you guys a whole lot!
Praying for you guys as you begin this adventure!

ajs {of MN} said...

GOOD LUCK listing and selling, you are hearing right that stuff is selling fast, i am SURE yours will as well.

we are also working on the listing process, shooting for NEXT WEEKEND! ahhhhh

good luck this weekend too, cant wait for an update.

Sarah said...

Gah! It's all happening so fast! I am sure you feel the same way!! I'd love to see you before you guys leave, but I know a lot of people will be saying that!


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