Monday, December 15, 2014

we fought the sickies and the sickies won (sort of)

the busy weekend we had planned: cookie decorating with our old next door neighbors (who we haven't seen in way too long!) at our house, date night for thatcher and me at the takeaction mn dinner, lambs group at church on sunday, and a 4th birthday party for our friend max. only half of these activities happened and only half our family got to partake in them because the sickies arrived friday night. 

we noticed ashford felt warm before bed on friday night, so we took his temperature and sure enough...101 fever. cue texting our friends that we could no long have them over for cookie decorating in the morning :( ashford actually slept better than i thought he would that night. he was up at 2am and 4am, then slept til 6:45, which is sleeping in for that kid. 

thatcher was feeling crummy as well. no fever, but super run down, so he decided he probably shouldn't attend any of our events over the weekend, just to be safe. he was especially bummed because he loves going to the takeaction mn dinner each year.

ashford's fever was up to 103 by lunch time on saturday, so i decided to take him to our pediatrician's walk-in clinic way out in maple grove. they couldn't find the source of his sickness and even tested him for the flu (which was negative - thank god!), so they told us "it's probably just a virus" and sent us on our way. poor baby. 

lots of naps for everyone on saturday.

we pretty much just hung out at home until the evening when i dropped azalea off at thatcher's parents' and i headed to st. paul for the takeaction mn dinner. takeaction is a client of the company i work for, and my ceo buys a table each year for whoever wants to go. it's a fundraising dinner/pep rally (ha!) honoring the who's who of progressive politics & nonprofits in the state, with around 1,000 attendees. it's lots of fun! this year it was held at the union depot in st. paul, which was a really cool space (the picture below is not from our event, but it looked similar). i had fun getting dressed up (forgot to take any pictures) and hanging out with my co-workers and their spouses, but i definitely missed my side kick! 

Union Depot Waiting room

saturday night was hoooorrible for sleeping. ashford slept so much during the day, that all he wanted to do was party all night. at one point, thatcher was up with him for over and hour in the middle of the night while ashford happily played with duplos and ate some cheerios. what a weirdo! look at these pictures he took: 

for the record, i did get up with him quite a few times too, but i'm always on a mission to get him back to sleep asap, thatcher tried a different approach of wearing him out.

sunday morning we skipped church. in the afternoon, just azalea and i headed to max's birthday party. it was held at our friends (his parents) liz and joe's house and they hired a magician to perform. he was so great and the kids had a blast. azalea wasn't so sure what it was all about at the beginning, but she ended up loving all the interactive stuff. i'm glad 50% of our family was able to make it at least ;)

ashford's fever was still sticking around sunday night. it was another terrible night at our house. party baby who refused to go back to sleep any time he woke up. he ended up in our bed around 1am (after another hour-plus play session with thatcher) and slept (sort of) decently until morning. 

i'm at work today and both kids are at thatchers' parents' house. we so greatly appreciate them taking the kids when they aren't 100% healthy. the doctor said we should bring him back in if the fever isn't gone by tuesday. i'm really hoping it will be, but we shall see! 

hope your weekend was healthier than ours ;) i'm hoping we get it out of the house before ashford's first birthday next weekend (ahhh!) and christmas. 

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~Dawn~ said...

Nooooo!! :( the sickies have been running rapid in Farmington, too. The schools have so many student and teachers out sick!! Luckily we've all stayed healthy (knock on all the wood) so far.

There is nothing worse than having sick kiddos. I hope Ashford and Thatcher are on the up and up and you and Azalea don't get it!!


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