Thursday, December 11, 2014

azalea says...

this has been sitting in my drafts for way too long, so i decided it was time to post! 

one night when our friends becky, jeromy, and linnea were over for pizza, the cheese started sliding off her slice and she announced in an alarmed voice, "it's happeningggg!" becky and i still laugh about that one.

 holding my unwrapped razor, "is this a little vacuum?" 

showing me her dora doll that was wrapped in a napkin,
me: "oh is that a dress for your doll?"
her: "no mama, it's a napkin...."
me: "...." 

"zewert" = dessert

"bestables" = vegetables

"wow! nice ______!" (shirt, scarf, pants, whatever)

when putting a shoe on her first foot "is this the other foot?"

she sees me wearing a blue tank top with lace overlay on it:
"mama! is that your elsa dress?!"

"ok ashford, here's the deal"

she knows almost all the words to 'jingle bell rock' :) 

"kinda very" used to describe things 

"let's play hide and seek!" 


katielookingforward said...

That's adorable! I had a friend who's kid said "i love you too much" instead of "so much".

~Dawn~ said...

It's happening....LOL!! She's adorable, Melissa.

Rachel - Floral and Fudge said...

"Mama is that your Elsa dress?" :) :)
I love that you are writing these down! I keep meaning to do the same!

Durant Imboden said...

I like her little Germanisms: "mein jacket" or "mein boots" or whatever. Maybe she's channeling her Uncle Anders, who lives in Germany.

Becky said...

The It's happening quote nearly killed me. Then... And again now. So funny?!!


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