Sunday, December 21, 2014

1st birthday, round 2


today, in the blink of an eye, you turn one year old. i know i say this every month, but it blows my mind that we are already here. 365 days ago i was crabby about having strong contractions that kept leading me to believe you were on your way, only to fade away. it makes me laugh to think that you were born just hours after my little pity party. life is funny like that! 

you came into our lives fast and furious and it was a night i'll never forget. running around getting your sister ready to go to grandma cheryl & grandpa durant's, trying to stay calm on the drive to the hospital (so much excitement...and pain!), checking into the hospital and settling in to our beautiful new room, having you placed on my chest less than 2 hours after that. it was such a whirlwind! 

the day you were born was so different from when your sister was born. in some ways i was less nervous because i knew what to expect, but i still worried that you would be healthy and have all your fingers and toes ;) you were so angry to be out in the (cold, bright) world and i just hugged and kissed you over and over and told you everything was going to be ok. 

and one year later, i am still so honored that i get to be your mom...the center of your universe (for now). ;) i know it won't always be that way, but i hope we have a close relationship even when you are bigger, taller, and stronger than me :) 

you will always be my baby, i love you so much! 


Britni said...

Happy Birthday Ashford!!

Durant Imboden said...

He's a delightful kid! (But please tell him to leave the bat at home when he comes over to our house, at least until he has better motor skills.)


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