Monday, October 6, 2014

date night, a wedding, a trip to the apple orchard

hello monday! we had another great weekend of fun activities, and productivity with the house! 

friday night started off with a little date night for thatcher and me. we've been better about doing them the last couple months, which has been nice! part 1 of the evening was a trip to homegoods to look at a couple chairs for our living room that i had scoped out that morning. we ended up buying this one and i am in love! (also, i sort of want to forbid the kids from touching it, but yeah right). isn't it pretty? 

part 2 of date night was dinner at french meadow. we had never been there for dinner (only gotten stuff from the bakery), but it's a really nice place to go for dinner! and they had lots of good vegan options for thatcher too, including desserts. it was delicious! we picked up ashford from my parents' and azalea spent the night there. 

saturday morning we stopped at 'tuesday morning' to look for a rug for the living room and we found one! i promise i'll be doing a living room post once we get everything put together, but here is a sneak peek. i am obsessed! 

 in the evening we attended a wedding with the kids (their first!) for a friend of ours from high school/working for community ed. i thought it was so sweet that she invited azalea and ashford (there were lots of kids there). it was held at a horse and hunt club and the ceremony was outdoors (please note: 45 degrees out at 5pm!). luckily it was a short ceremony. we sat in the back and the kids did okay. i told azalea we had to be quiet like at church. ashford was not a fan of the cold - i made him wear his winter jacket - he started crying and thatcher had to take him out right at the end. look at that face! 

the best part of the ceremony was that the director of community ed (our old boss) was the officiant. he is an amazing man and such a legend in sw minneapolis. this is not the first employee wedding that he's officiated. 

the reception was in a brand new event space (fun fact: the building actually burned down sometime in the last year and a half and they had to re-build it!). i'm not gonna lie, azalea was pretty difficult for the first hour or so that we were there.  nothing but clinging, crying, freaking out if anyone looked at her, etc. thankfully she snapped out of it and had fun the rest of the night. while waiting for dinner she ran around on the dance floor with the others kids. ashford got in on the fun too - all the big kids wanted to play with him :) 

we had a major power struggle with this girl about her outfit. she wanted to wear a size 5t ballet dress and a princess crown. we compromised by letting her pick her tights and headband. we had dinner and dessert, watched the first dance, and headed out about 8:15 because the kids were super tired. it was definitely not a relaxing night, but we had fun. 

sunday morning the kids slept in until 7:30! woo hoooo! :) we ran errands and cleaned in the morning. in the afternoon, we met up with our friends diana, jim, and their little girl greta at an apple orchard in stillwater. it was a bit chilly out, but not terrible. well, ashford would probably argue otherwise. haha. it's gonna be a long winter for this kid.

most of the good apples that were left were up really high, so thatcher and jim took turns lifting azalea to get them...

little greta was snug as a bug in a rug and didn't seem to mind the cold.

i made sure to get a family pic, since i forgot on saturday night at the wedding

sunday night we had thatcher's parents over for dinner. we made chicken and steak burritos and apple crisp with our tons of apples we picked! yum! hope you had a good weekend, too! 


~Dawn~ said...

Save me some apple crisp!! :)

I adore that new chair of yours...and cannot wait to see the room come together. :)

Jen [wonderfully unkempt] said...

Everyone went to the orchard this weekend!

My good friend got married at the Horse & Hunt club before it burned down. Jealous you got to see the new space. During their wedding there were people hunting all around. So every few minutes you'd hear a gunshot during the ceremony. Classy. :)

Sarah said...

Love the chair and the rug! You are going to have such an awesome new living room and basement! So fun.

Which apple orchard did you guys go to? We're looking for something closer to home. Normally we go to Afton but it's so far away.

Brittany said...

I LOVE your new chair and rug. And I love French Meadow :)


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