Monday, September 29, 2014

what a weekend: basement, dentist, parties, oh my!

i haven't done a weekend update in a while because for the most part our weekends have been pretty quiet lately, i've been slacking on taking pictures, and i've been feeling un-inspired in general. but this weekend sure made up for it. let's get to it! 

backing up to last wednesday, carpeting was installed in our basement! we are so excited. it was amazing to watch the space transform from looking like a house project to looking like a cozy room! i'll be doing a separate basement post hopefully very soon, but here's a picture from before we moved furniture down: 

friday night we took the kids to culver's for dinner and then went to ikea to get a storage shelf for toys for the basement. after moving about 75% of the toys we own downstairs over the last few days, it was clear we need some sort of central storage place for them all. we got the 8 square expedit shelf in black (we have the 4 square one upstairs and we love it!) 

saturday morning my parents and my aunt and uncle (who i mentioned a while back were coming in town from new jersey) were planning to stop over to see the basement and help us move our living room furniture down there (new living room couch was scheduled to come on sunday). while we were waiting for them to come, ashford was starting to make his way up the basement stairs (his new favorite activity) and turned backwards and fell down about 2 stairs, hitting his face in the process. he cried a bit, i comforted him and he seemed fine. all of a sudden we see...lots of blood coming from his mouth. at first we thought he bit his tongue, but as we looked closer we could see one of his bottom teeth was pushed pretty far forward, out of alignment with the others and was bleeding at the gum. my poor baby! :( we don't know how he managed to do that on a carpeted stair, but he did. i started crying because i was afraid it was going to fall out, but we checked and it didn't feel loose at all. whew! thatcher called the pediatrician and they said it would be best to have a dentist look at it. what's that you say...? why yes, azalea was scheduled for her first dental appointment later that day! how convenient, right? 

so, we headed to the dentist a few hours later to have both kids looked at! first i'll share azalea's experience since ashford was already trying to steal her thunder :) i was a little worried about how she would do, but i had no reason to worry because she loved it! they were so good with her, explaining what all the tools were, asking her about when she brushes her teeth and telling her how they were going to count her teeth and make them nice and clean. they gave her sunglasses, so the over head light wouldn't bother her and let her wears rubber gloves just the the hygienist. she answered all of their questions and giggled about the little mouth vacuum. she was a pro the whole time! we were so proud of her. look at this ridiculously happy girl: 

right at the end of the appointment, we asked the dentist if she had a minute to look at ashford's tooth, and explained what happened. she assured us that it happens more than you'd think and no action is needed as long as he is not rejecting his bottles/pacifiers/etc or expressing a lot of pain when you touch it. she said he didn't flinch at all when she touched his mouth, which was a good sign. she said it's very unlikely that the tooth will fall out or die (my biggest worries), but it may get a little discolored. she said it's possible it will move back into place a little more over the next few years, but we'll have to wait and see. this is just the start of being a mom to a boy isn't it?! ;) 

sunday started off with the delivery of our new living room couch, followed by a day of parties. at lunch time we had my company's family party at dangerous man (my co-worker and her husband own it). we had a potluck, which had sooo much good food. it was fun to hang out with everyone as always, i just love my co-workers and the company i work for. 

my co-worker bridget gave azalea a little manicure, which she was super excited about. when bridget asked her what color she wanted, azalea replied excitedly "black!" haha. bridget looked at me like "is that ok?" and of course, i said yes. my silly girl. 

in the early afternoon, my parents and my aunt and uncle stopped by on their way to the airport. azalea was napping, but i managed to get this cute picture of them with ashford: 

finally, sunday night we had the annual fall urban studies gathering at thatcher's former professor's house. we go every year and catch up with current and former students. more good food, so no complaints from me! ;) 

whew, that was a lot! is anyone still reading? if you are, please keep my dad in your thoughts/prayers today - he has a pet scan to see where things are at with his current treatment and we are hoping for good news, so he and my mom can go down to florida at the end of october without issue. 


Lisa said...

Ohhh yes, Ashford sounds like a boy! :) Adam bit through his lip once and ohhh my, the blood! I was trying to stay calm, but mouth injuries bleed so much! The basement looks wonderful! And your Dad is in my prayers today (and all the time) for a great pet scan. Prayers, prayers, and prayers!

~Dawn~ said...

Poor Ashford. That sounds super painful. Hopefully it won't give him any issues going forward.

I absolutely LOVE your basement. Love the wall color, carpet and fireplace. SO cozy!

Kristin said...

Looks like a great weekend! I LOVE your basement! That wall color is amazing, can't wait to see the finished product!

Meg @ Mr.C and Me said...

I'm still reading ;) great lookin' basement, can't wait to see the finished pics. will be keeping your dad and family in my thoughts as well.

tough little Ashford! my brother Loren actually messed up his baby teeth too when he was like 2ish? he vaulted off a hotel bed and straight into the corner of a dresser. his poor front teeth. but in the end, like Ashford's, all was okay!

Aileen said...

I love your basement! That color & fireplace are perfect! Your day is in my prayers.

Sarah said...

Love the basement! It's going to be such a great space for the kids to play!

ajs {of MN} said...

i will need to read this post to avrie and convince her that the dentist IS fun!! ;) so glad it went well for her, she looks like she really was loving the experience!


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