Thursday, August 7, 2014

a new chapter for our girl

azalea is officially signed up for preschool this fall. it's just two mornings a week at the park building right by our house, but i think it's going to be really good for her! i've always wanted her to have some sort of school-like experience before kindergarten, but it always seemed impossible logistically with my old work schedule - unless we put her in a full time daycare center preschool. my new schedule allowed me to pick the days that worked best. assuming everything goes as planned, she will be going wednesdays and fridays from 9:30-12. she is very excited and keeps telling me "i gonna go to school and get a treat!" not sure where the treat part came from. ha! our nephew jack attended this preschool program when he was a little older than her and had a really great experience, so we are all looking forward to it. i can't believe my baby is old enough for preschool. wow! 

while we are on the subject of azalea, i want to share that things have been going a little more smoothly in 3 year old land lately. maybe i shouldn't have put that in writing. ;) she's actually gone an entire day without a tantrum a few times, which is no small feat. i think we are all learning to communicate better, set expectations and consequences, and diffuse the situations that get her worked up before it's too late. i know we're not in the clear yet (ever?), but i'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. whew! 

and just for fun, here are some cute/funny things she is doing and saying these days: 

"cause-be" = because
"poon-keer" = computer
"hanga-ber" = hamburger
"last day" = yesterday

she is very interested in the concept of time lately (days, weeks, months, etc), which i've realized is very hard to explain to a kid. 

she has learned the meaning of "maybe" and thinks if she repeats it after we say no to something, that she will get what she wants. ex. "mama, are we gonna eat chocolate chips after lunch?" "no, we're not azalea." "maybe!" "nope, not today." "maybe mama! maybeee" 

"can we go in the garden, mama?" meaning the backyard (i think she got this from peppa pig, the british cartoon). 

driving by the park "i used to play tennis, mama" you did, huh?! 

"it's going to be very fun!" she's said this for a long time (always in a mom voice) when i tell her what we are doing that day. 

also in a mom voice, while i was cutting her toe nails the other day "mama, you're doing such a good job!" 

i had to include this hilarious picture. i found her in this position 3 hours into a nap one afternoon! 


~Dawn~ said...

hahaha how do they even get themselves into those positions. It was like she was trying to get off the bed and fell asleep before getting off. Silly girl! Sounds like being 3 is finally settling well with her. YAY! Can't believe pre-school is on her horizon!

Lisa said...

Oh my, she is too adorable and funny! I love all of her "sayings"!! We are putting Rosemary in preschool two mornings a week this Fall as well, and I am super excited for her, but I can't believe these two babies are ready for that stage in their lives! Weren't we JUST pregnant?? Azalea is such a doll and I can't wait to hear about preschool!

Diana said...

I love it when you post the cute things she says!!! They never fail to make me LOL! And I can't even begin to think about sending Greta to preschool so hopefully you're not shedding to many tears!

Carolyn said...

PRESCHOOL! How fun and exciting!!! :)

Becky said...

So glad 3 is settling down - at least for the time being. Yay for preschool! We're still figuring out how/when that will fit in for our schedule. Azalea will love it I'm sure! Love the silly sleeping picture.

ajs {of MN} said...

i am a very bad blogger friend!! and havent been on in a LONG time to catch up, but thought this would be a good post. i am in awe that the girls are going to be in preschool!!!!???? HOW!? We also have avrie signed up and starting in a 3days/week morning program. i am looking forward to it, but then again (as you read yesterday) sad about the change, but also very excited!

i love the sleeping photo! haha

Sarah said...

yay for preschool! She's going to love it!


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