Monday, July 21, 2014

ashford is 7 months

ashford, you are 7 months old today - which means you are now closer to one than zero! wow! this was another fast month (which seems to be the theme during the summer months). here is what's been going on in your world lately: 

you did more rolling across the floor, but you are not crawling yet (you tuck up your knees and get frustrated because you want to move so badly, but you haven't quite figured it out), no more teeth yet - which surprises me considering how early your first 2 came, you are not quite sitting on your own yet but pretty close, you got your first fever from being sick, you had your first time in the wading pool (which was sort of a hit) and your first time swinging (also only sort of a hit), you went to our neighborhood ice cream social, you tried more solid foods, you celebrated mama's birthday and the fourth of july (slept through the fireworks), we dog-sat chester (you loved watching your sister chase him around)


no appointment this month, so just a are probably around 17 lbs and 28-29 inches long. you are definitely getting heavy to lug around in that car seat!

hair and eye color: 

the little wispy blonde hair you have on top of your head keeps getting longer, but not much else is filling in yet. your eyes are still blue as the ocean.


you are still rockin the size 3 diapers, which you 'blow out' more often than I'd like (yuck!). you are still in size 6 month clothes, although I've retired a few of the smaller items and added a few 9 month (summer) things for you to start wearing before it gets too cold. you are in 9 month jammies because you are long.


let's see...what's new in the world of are taking most of your naps in your crib now, which is great. sometimes you nap in the pack n play and sometimes in my arms, but we're making progress! the length of your naps have been increasing too. you still throw an occasional 'cat nap' in the mix, but most naps last about 45 mins-1.5 hours. you take 2-3 naps/day. night time sleep is still a struggle. you go down around 7:30-8 and you wake about every 2-3 hours til morning. you are getting better going back to sleep if i put your pacifier back in and rub your back for a minute. at least 1-2 times/night nursing is the only way to get you back to sleep, though, which is ok. i know i will miss that time with you when it's over. this past week you have been waking up in the 4:00 hour and sometimes not going back to sleep for an hour or two. i'm not going to lie, it's sort of brutal. you are still in our room, but sleeping in your pack n play about 90% of the time (rather than our bed). baby steps. I'm thinking about moving you downstairs to your room soon, but I'd like to get a video monitor first. we've done a little bit of cry it out for naps, but i can only take it for a couple minutes and then i give in. i've tried having you sleep in your big crib at night a couple times and it's been a disaster every time, so i just take you back upstairs because i'm tired and desperate. you have me wrapped around your finger, little man! will you still be sleeping in our room in 10 years? :)


another successful month of nursing - which makes me so happy! you still nurse about every 2.5-3 hours during the day. you love to stroke (and pull) my hair and bang on me like a drum while eating. haha. you are distracted very easily and sometimes want to be done after just 2 minutes on each side even though there is still milk left. hmm. when I'm at work, you drink 3-4 five oz. bottles. as for solid foods, since last month you have tried peas, apples, carrots, pears, green beans, and mango and I'm not kidding when i say you have hated all of them. you make this disgusted face with every spoonful that goes in your mouth and spit it all out. I'm starting to think you are one of those babies who just hates purees. a couple times I've put some mashed banana on your high chair tray or let you suck on an apple slice and you seem to like eating that way better (although you gag a little and are capable of biting off sort of big chunks and it freaks me out). at least i know you are getting lots of nutrition and calories from my milk.

most used gear: 

this month we retired the swing, the baby bath tub, and the bouncy seat. hard to believe we no longer need to keep that stuff around! we introduced the high chair and the bath seat, which are both going well. the johnny jump up is still going strong. i will be so sad when you are too big for it. the double stroller is still getting a lot of glad we bought it!


your grandma(s) and grandpa(s) are enjoying taking care of you 2.5 days/wk. you tire them out a lot of days with your constant wanting to be held, but i know they don't mind the snuggles too much. i'm so happy you get to spend all this special time with them, even though you won't remember it when you are older.  


being held facing outward (and held in general), pulling mama's hair and putting it in your mouth, being tickled and talked to/sung to, your sister, splashing in the bath, rolling all over the place, sleeping on your side or your tummy, hearing yourself make noise including blowing raspberries, squealing, and your cute "ehhh ehhhh" sound you make while falling asleep - especially in the car, grabbing your feet and putting them in your mouth, being outside, riding in the stroller, sitting at the table with us for meals, playing with tupperware.


getting put in your car seat, riding in the car (most of the time), taking your reflux meds (you blow raspberries and spray it out!), being put down after falling asleep in some one's arms, being put down in general (especially when you are tired), having your diaper or clothes changed (having to lay still is sooooo torturous) ;) 


i feel like we are moving full speed ahead to your first birthday. slow down, little man. can you please just stay a baby forever? even with the sleepless nights, i can't get enough of your sweet smiles, laugh, soft skin and chubby body. i just want to bottle you up. but at the same time i dream about what you will look like, sound like, and what your personality will be like in the months and years to come. love you more than anything, little man! 


~Dawn~ said...

He has THE cutest smile!! :) Love my little boyfriend! ;)

Sarah said...

Aw! He's getting so big! It's so crazy the similarities between Ashford and how Aubrey was as a baby- especially the sleep and reflux issues! Congrats on making it to 7 months nursing!!

JJ said...

what a happy boy!


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