Friday, April 4, 2014

working mama: 3 weeks in

i can't believe i've been back to work for 3 weeks already! i've written posts similar to this one in the past (click the "working mom" label at the bottom to read them). i love looking back at how my work-life has changed since going from no kids to 1 kid, and now 2 kids. my workdays (and every day, for that matter) have become a little more hectic, but we are managing pretty well. 

i've worked in marketing for the same company since i graduated from college (almost 8 years ago now - eeeek!). i'm thankful to work for such a family-friendly company. after my maternity leave with azalea, they allowed me to drop down to 32 hours/wk, so i could be home with her every wednesday, and that has continued to be my schedule ever since. it's proven to be a nice balance between motherhood and my career. but i will admit...since ashford came along, leaving two kids 4 days/wk has me longing to spend more time at home with them. i didn't really anticipate that happening, but it's undeniable. staying home full time is not financially feasible for us (nor do i want to completely leave the working world), so for the foreseeable future, this is our life. here is a little run-down of an average work day:  

5:30 am - 
my alarm goes off. if ashford is awake and hasn't eaten recently, i will feed him then shower or vice versa. thatcher and azalea get up around 6:15 and we usually all eat breakfast together before getting the kids dressed and packed up to go. 

7:15 am (if all goes well...) - 
we are out the door to take the kids to jean's (our daycare provider). now that thatcher works downtown too, we carpool, which is nice. ashford has been going to jean's for 2 weeks now and he is doing great, which is such a relief. he is guzzling down 4 bottles/day (which i'm struggling to keep up with!), takes good naps for her, and is always smiling when i pick him up. i think azalea enjoys having him there, too! 

8:00 am -
i arrive at work. i pump 3x during the day at 9, 12, and 3. my building has a cheery little lactation room and honestly, it's sort of a nice way to break up my day. i feel privileged to still be able to feed ashford my milk when i am away from him. 

4:30 pm - 
i leave the office to go pick up the kids. (thatcher takes the express bus home each night). 

5:15ish pm - 
the kids and i arrive home and get settled in the for the night. i try to prep dinner (if they allow me to, sometimes it's impossible), otherwise i split my attention between feeding ashford and entertaining azalea until thatcher gets home. 

6:00 pm -
thatcher gets home anywhere between 5:30 and 6. we finish (or start) making dinner and all sit down and eat together. 

7:00 pm -
play time and/or baths for the kids (azalea gets bathed way more frequently than ashford does - haha!), then we get the kids ready for bed. 

8:00 pm -
azalea goes to bed and i bring ashford upstairs to nurse and put down. we've just started putting him down earlier in the evening in the last couple weeks, although he usually is up at least once before i go to bed. while they are both down, i do some laundry, pump again, eat some dessert (just keepin' it real!), pack my lunch, pick out my clothes for the next day, etc (those last 2 have become essential since adding another kid). 

9:00ish pm - 
i go to bed. you read that right! with ashford's...ahem...sleep patterns, i need all the sleep i can get, so i'm beyond ready to crash by that point. thatcher usually stays up a bit later. 

thennnn we wake up and do it all over again! wednesdays are obviously a little different pace. i've always meant to do a recap of those days, but they vary so much (and i usually forget!). maybe someday!


Dawn said...

You're such a rock star, Melissa. Sounds like the transition back to work is going very well. Do you think you'll cut back more hours now that Ashford is here, or will you stick with Wednesday's off?

Katie said...

I love your little note about dessert….I always eat dessert too! I'm glad you've gotten into the swing of things!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you guys have settled into a nice rhythm!

Becky said...

You are amazing, Melissa! This is one of the things that scares me most about having about kid. It seems so stressful NOW. This gives me hope that it can be done.

Becky said...

Having another kid. Arg. Long day.

Becky said...

I loved that too. Laughed out loud.

Leah D said...

I think I've said this before, but I will be coming to you fro advice when we are ready for #2. You seem to balance it all so well.

ajs {of MN} said...

sounds like you have adjusted, everyone has, quite well! :)

Rachel said...

You are super mom!
Getting up in the middle of the night + working + pumping + cooking dinner--I am amazed :)


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