Friday, January 3, 2014

ashford: week 1

ashford is almost two weeks old now, but i want to recap his first month in weeks because i have so many pictures and things i want to remember. i have to admit, i'm not one of those moms who does the newborn phase gracefully. i'm sleep deprived, stressed about breastfeeding, physically uncomfortable, etc. this time around was better physically, but more overwhelming in general. adding a second kid to your life is quite an adjustment. i'm sure it depends on the personality of your kids, but i spent the entire first week wondering how i was ever going to get more done in a day than feeding the kids and keeping them (sort of) clean. there were days where i hardly got a chance to use the bathroom. i don't know how i would have survived without all the help from grandparents. 

being born, spending 2 days at the hospital, meeting family and friends, christmas (to be recapped in a later post), lots of crying, seemingly endless nursing, moving into my parents' house for the weekend while we got new insulation.

hospital visitors:

grandma jan

unkie brandon 

grandpa wayne

big sister 

grandma cheryl and grandpa durant

liz (and joe, not pictured) 

great aunt shari

heading home: 

first visit from "auntie" kelli

ashford's discharge weight was 7 lbs, 7 oz (birth weight was 8 lbs). the home nurse came when he was 4 days old and he was down to 7 lbs, 1 oz. this was less than a day after my milk came in, so i wasn't too surprised, but after my experience breastfeeding azalea i was hoping we wouldn't have a repeat of continuous weight loss for the first couple weeks. in those days before my milk came in, he wanted to nurse almost constantly, which was exhausting and painful. at his one week appointment his weight was up to 7 lbs, 4 oz - on the right track! 

ashford also got to meet his great grandma (who i didn't think he would get to meet a few weeks ago), and her husband bob. 

my grandma didn't say much while we were there, but as she was hugging him, she said "i want a babyyy" haha so sweet. 

hair and eye color: 
light blonde hair and blue eyes (for now) 

getting a lot of use out of his newborn stuff. sometimes going through 3 or more outfits a day between spitting up and peeing up his back. haha. 

sleep has been rough this week. he *hates* the pack n play and generally hates sleeping anywhere but someone's arms. i can't blame him, but it's difficult, especially at night. we had a few nights where it took 2-3.5 hours get him to fall asleep after a feeding...only to wake up 40 minutes later. bru-tal! he did not sleep much in general the first week. i remember azalea sleeping her way through her first two weeks, so that threw me for a loop. at my parents' house, i slept in a recliner with him in my arms, so i could get a few hours of sleep. 

if you've read my blog for a while, you know that i had lots of issues breastfeeding azalea and stopped after two weeks. i really hoped that this time would be different and it seems to be going better so far. he's had a good latch from the beginning, which is nice. as i said, this boy wanted to nurse all day and night and it was really exhausting for me. there were days were i felt like that was all i did. if he wasn't sleeping or nursing, he was screaming because he wanted to nurse....even if we had just finished 15 minutes before. so hard. it got a little better once my milk came in, i think he was just unsatisfied before. one week in, the pain from nursing lessened, making the frequency of his feedings more bearable. it also helped to know he is actually gaining some weight. 

most used gear: 
i thought the pack n play would be on the list, but that was a flop. he also wasn't crazy about the bouncy seat the first week. 

being held, nursing, that's about it :) 

not being held....not nursing. haha. getting his diaper/clothes changed. the poor guy cried so much and so hard his first week that his voice got hoarse. talk about a confidence killer as a mom! 

i call him "grump-a-gus" quite often. hopefully that one won't stick! 

azalea's adjustment: 
azalea wasn't too interested in him. she would ask "where's baby brother?" and "what's baby brother doing?" (we are still working on getting her to call him by his name). she doesn't want to hold him or kiss him, really. she sort of keeps her distance. that's ok. she had quite a few tantrums the first week, but it's hard to know if they were from him being around or just her being a stubborn 2 year old. 

despite all my whining, we love him to pieces and we are so happy he is a part of our family! 


ajs {of MN} said...

gah, i cant imagine, but i feel that you are doing awesome!!! :)

the comment from your gramdma gives me happy tears, her saying she wants a baby- yes... too too sweet!

Rachel said...

he's so beautiful!
you've got me excited and nervous about adding number 2 in the next few weeks ;)

Tami said...

Emerson also hated the pack n play and the thing that saved us was the rock n play. I know it's another piece of baby gear to add to the collection but it was a lifesaver for us. I think they like it because it's inclined!

Carolyn said...

BAH! He's precious! :) I know I want another baby someday, but I'm dreading having two kids at once! I bet you're doing awesome!!!

Sarah said...

I've been wondering how things have been going. Ashford sounds a lot like Aubrey was- minus the colic and reflux- I am praying for your sake he doesn't have either (or both!). Aubrey cried all the time and nursed all the time. She basically slept in my arms or on my chest for the first 3 months of her life. I can definitely relate to all of this!

I am glad breastfeeding is going much better this time too! I can't wait to meet him sometime! Hang in there, I know you are doing a fantastic job!

Sarah said...

i am obsessed with your baby! i love all the categories you're updating on!! C hated the bouncer for so long. those silly babies! do you have a rock and play or swing he would sleep in?! C slept in the mamaroo for the first two months, but maybe you're trying to keep Ashford used to the pack n play, i don't know! i am sure you have lots of gear from big sister. i hope you get sleep soon!

Jenn Korolewski said...

He's so precious! I remember how rough those first two weeks were. I can only imagine what adding another little one to the mix can do! You can do it mama. I'm sure you'll be in a groove in no time :)

~Dawn~ said...

Ashford is such a handsome little guy!! Sorry your first few weeks have been rough, but as a second time mom, you know that this stage will soon pass.


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