Monday, December 2, 2013

thanksgiving 2013

i just wrapped up a glorious five day weekend, so i'm splitting my posts up, so as to not overwhelm you with too much holiday weekend excitement...or something :) wednesday was my normal day off with azalea. she actually ended up going to daycare for about 5 hours, though. in the morning, i went with my brother to visit our grandma who just got out of the hospital. she is not doing the best these days, so we are trying to spend a lot of time with her and i thought it would be easier to not bring azalea. after that, he and i grabbed lunch at panera. in the afternoon, i ran some errands (the stores were soooo busy!) and got some stuff done around the house and then picked up azalea. 

thursday azalea woke up dark and early per usual. i was super excited to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade on tv with her. it's my teen and young(er) adult years i would groan about how it started at 9am (so early, gosh!) ;) this year....we had to sit around for 2.5 hours before it even came on. ha! azalea seemed to enjoy it for about the first 30 mins, then she decided she was done and threw tantrums because i wouldn't let her watch one of "her" shows. mean mom alert!! we headed to my aunt and uncle's in minnetonka for feast #1 around noon. my cousins were there and my grandma, her husband, and my uncle's parents' as well. it was nice to see all of them and stuff my face with way too much turkey, sides, and pie. i should have done a little better pacing myself, but oh well. it was worth it! 

azalea with my cousin jenna 

 the pretty tables

waiting patiently for dinner :) 

waiting patiently for pie ;)

we came home and thatcher and azalea laid down together for a nap. so cute!! we headed to dinner #2 at thatcher's parents' in the evening. round 2 was chock full of more delicious food. i was absolutely stuffed by the end of the night. (which means it was a successful thanksgiving!) 

hope you all had a great thanksgiving with your loved ones. tomorrow i'll post about the rest of the weekend, which included lots of christmas fun! 


~Dawn~ said...

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving - LOTS of food was consumed, which is my favorite! haha

Sarah said...

Two feasts! Lucky!


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