Monday, September 23, 2013

park play date, birthday party, anniversary party

friday night thatcher and i planned to watch a movie after azalea went to bed, but at 8:45 i went in her room because she was still awake after going down at 8:00. i laid down in bed with her and we both fell asleep. oops. haha. (i got up after a couple hours and went in my own bed). thatcher didn't miss me too much - he was busy watching "alaska state troopers" on netflix. ha! exciting friday night! 

saturday morning at about 7:30 i got a hilarious text from my friend lauren about how the kids she was overnight nannying got up at 6am and she was more than ready to escape the house and get some coffee, so azalea and i met up with them at caribou for a bit. it was fun to see them and i'm sure all the people who went there for a relaxing saturday morning to read the paper and sip their coffee loved us ;) after that, we picked up thatcher and we headed to linden hills park for a play date set up by our friend mandy who has a 2 year old daughter, georgia. she invited a bunch of families to play at the park and have a potluck picnic lunch. it was a fun time, except it was freezing (50ish degrees) and i was totally under dressed. boo!

the afternoon consisted of our usual naps. next up was our friend gavin's 3rd birthday party. he and his parents just moved into a new house about a month ago, so it was fun to see it for the first time. he had a construction themed party complete with lots of caution tape and dirt cake (served in a dump truck) - super cute! azalea had a great time with all the kids. 

saturday night thatcher headed to a get together with some friends, and i relaxed on the couch after our busy day and watched "can't hardly wait" on netflix. i looooved that movie back in the day. still pretty darn entertaining :) 

sunday morning we ran some errands and visited thatchers' parents. thatcher and azalea napped in the afternoon and i was tired as well, but i opted to have a little solo shopping opportunity instead. i went to homegoods and joann fabrics. i got a few small things for the house, like a basket and a salt & pepper shaker. it was nice to get out for some "me time." later in the afternoon, we attended a 40th anniversary party for my best friend kelli's parents, who have been like second parents to me my entire life. it was held in their backyard and they had lots of friends and family there to celebrate with them. i didn't really take any pictures at the party, oh well. we rounded out the weekend with homemade pizza and relaxing after all the festivities.  


~Dawn~ said...

haha..I love that dirt cake in the dump truck. What a cute idea!

Looks like you had another busy weekend!! FALL is definitely here!

Brittany said...

Busy weekend!! But looks fun

Leah said...

Yay for solo shopping trips. Those are the best!

ajs {of MN} said...

what a CUTE bday party and i LOVE AZ's messy bun hair!! :))


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