Tuesday, August 13, 2013

baby #2: week 17 (adjusted time is 20 weeks)

17 Weeks Pregnant
august 5-11

what has been going on this week: watched our neighbor dog maddie for 3 days, had our national night out block party, celebrated grandpa wayne's birthday, celebrated linnea's birthday 

size of baby: 5 inches long and weighs about 5 oz. the size of a turnip. 

maternity clothes: a mixture of regular shirts and maternity/elastic bottoms. most of my regular shirts are not gonna last much longer. unfortunately i'm not super excited about my maternity shirts. 

symptoms: same old broken out skin, hungry all the time, super tired (i fall asleep around 9pm every night)

movement: lots of crazy movement in there. it makes me happy! actually...one day this week i felt movement in 2 pretty far apart areas of my belly. freaked me out. we haven't had any ultrasounds yet, so i feel like the possibility of twins is still there, but not likely. 

gender: 2 weeks and counting! can't believe it! 

food cravings/aversions: i've been eating out a lot lately (not good for the wallet, but good for the belly). enjoyed pizza, brunch, and greek food this week. all were delicious! also, i had my first coffee shop beverage in 3 months over the weekend: a java chip frapuccino, and i enjoyed it! the thought of warm beverages still grosses me out, but we're making progress. 

morning sickness: a little bit of nausea in the morning for an hour or so after breakfast, like clock work. 

what i miss: nothing in particular this week

best moment of the week: celebrating my dad's birthday. so thankful for him! 

what thatcher is saying: "oh god...we're gonna have to get a mini van" when i told him about the movement on both sides of my belly. hahaha

sleep: still pretty decent. i usually have to pee once in the night and sometimes have trouble getting comfortable, but i know it will get much worse :) 

what i'm looking forward to: my doctor appointment tomorrow! recap of that will come next week. 


Diana said...

EEEEEEK! That would be so exciting if you had TWINS! And I totally LOL'ed at Thatcher's minivan crack. From the moms I know that own them, they're very practical!

ajs {of MN} said...

Omg twins would be aaawwweeesome!!!! ;)

two birds said...

don't knock the minivan until you've tried one! we got ours and i never want to go back!! i'm glad you're feeling good. this minnesota weather has been a great summer to be pregnant!

Carolyn said...

You look so adorable! :) Jake still jokes that there are somehow twins in there. He thinks it's funny... it's not. :)

As for the maternity tops - I stocked up on the Mossimo t-shirts from Target and still wear them with maternity tanks underneath!!! Old Navy's t-shirts are pretty long too... you might just need to size up! Seriously. I wore those almost every day of my pregnancy. :) Throw on a necklace or a scarf and you're totally "dressed" up. HAHA!

Britni said...

Now you have me thinking you are having twins, how awesome!!!

Lisa said...

Thatcher's comment about the minivan was hilarious! You never know...you could have twins in there!! Ohh, that would be so exciting! Happy 17 weeks!

Sarah said...

Twins would be awesome. Crazy that you are going to find out soon! How can you already be 17 weeks?! Lets hang out soon!

Faith said...

Your baby bump is adorable! Happy 17 weeks!

Faith said...

P.S. twins possibility?! That would be amazing. Are you going to have an ultrasound soon?


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