Friday, May 3, 2013

instagram friday

hi friends. we've almost made it to the weekend. wish me luck today, i have to give a live presentation at a conference for work this afternoon. eeeek to public speaking. hope i survive (and don't say "um" too many times). :) we have a rare weekend with almost no plans! i'm having lunch with some friends on sunday, but other than that....nothing! i'm looking forward to it. i hope the weather will at least be decent, so we can enjoy some time outside. we're dog sitting thatcher's parents dog, so i'm sure there will be lots of walks happening. hope you have a good weekend! 

i took these pictures of thatcher grilling one week apart! 

i'm a fan of these frozen chocolate covered bananas i found at target

checked out wee wednesday at midtown global market
for the first time this week. so fun! 


~Dawn~ said...

Good luck on your presentation today! :) You'll nail it!

We're going to attend the May Day Festival at Powderhorn Sunday (if it's not raining) - you should come.

Have a great relaxing weekend.

Sally said...

Hope your presentation went well. I love Midtown Global Market... maybe we should all meet there sometime!

ajs {of MN} said...

you not busy, i dont believe it!! ;)


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