Friday, March 1, 2013

a few of my firsts

just another silly 'about me' post again for you on this friday. i saw this one on kelly's blog and decided to play along...

first thing i do in the morning: turn off my alarm right away (i've never been a snooze button kinda girl), and then hop in the shower. that is assuming azalea hasn't woken us before my alarm! 

first thing i do when i get home from work: it's usually just azalea and i for a while before thatcher gets home. i usually change her diaper and/or clothes depending on their state after being at daycare, and try to distract her with books and toys so she doesn't throw a fit wanting dinner way before thatcher gets home. 

my first kiss: you know by now that thatcher was my first boyfriend...and yep, you guessed it, my first kiss as well. it was actually on his 20th birthday in my parents' porch as he was leaving for the night. (i was a month from turning 18. late bloomer - ha!)  

my first home: i grew up in the same house my whole life in sw minneapolis. my parents still live there and i love that house so much. when they moved in, it was a little 2 bedroom, 2 bath bungalow (built in 1924). when i was 5, they put a second floor on it that made it 5 bedrooms. it's a huge house for just the two of them now, but they don't have any plans to sell it. that will be a sad day when the time comes. 

my first car: i didn't actually own my first car until my junior year in college when i bought my mom's 1997 chevy lumina. i know, don't be jealous. ;) 

my first traffic violation: i've actually never gotten a moving violation before (knock on wood). i've gotten a few parking tickets, though. 

the first thing i wanted to be when i grow up: i'm not sure what the first thing was, but i remember wanting to be a dolphin trainer, pre-school teacher, or work in a daycare at different points growing up. i sometimes now think i would have made a good teacher, but back then the thought of being "in" school forever was a deal-breaker. apparently i didn't realize that no other profession gives you 3 months off each year ;) 

my first drink of choice: it depends on the time of day. i try to just drink milk or water most of the time, but i do love mochas, lattes, lemonade, a glass of pinot grigio or a margarita as well :) i gave up pop about 4-5 years ago and don't miss it at all! (ok, every once in a while). 

my first restaurant of choice: hmm this is a tough one because i love a lot of places. the restaurant i go to the most is probably pizza luce. i looove that place in general, but a bigestg reason we go there so much is that it is friendly to thatcher's dietary restrictions (he can't eat dairy). they have great vegan stuff! 

first song that comes to mind: file this one under "you know you are the mom of a toddler when..." the first song that comes to mind for me is "elmo the president" from elmo the musical. i pretty much have one of these songs running through my head at all times right now because they are azalea's favorite. :) 

first major purchase: i can't think of much before purchasing my parent's car for $2000 when i was in college. after that it was for sure our house! 

first job: i worked for 5 years (starting my junior year of high school) for the community education program at my high school. i taught kid's classes in the summer and during the school year, worked in the office managing the adult programs. i even worked there occasionally when i was home during college. i had to quit the summer before my senior year of college, because i needed to get an internship for my major. it was a rough transition from a "fun" job to a "desk" job. it was a great first job and best of all it's how i met thatcher! 

first time i flew: i have no memory of this because my parents took me on a plane quite a few times before i was 2 (sound familiar?) :) my dad is from new jersey, so they took me out there quite a few times. 

first "big girl" job: this would be the internship that i mentioned above. it was at a technology staffing agency (so not really related to my marketing major), but i had a connection at the company and they were looking for an intern, so i interviewed. i only worked there for that summer. it was an okay job, the people were pretty nice (although their values didn't always align with mine), and it was good experience in the business world. 

thanks for reading and feel free to play along!


Sarah said...

Super fun! Good for you for giving up pop! I made my way to only drinking Sierra Mist Natual- I dont know if I could give that one up though!

Oh and I hear you on the Sesame Street songs... I know EXACTLY what song you are talking about. This is my favorite right now:

Kelly said...

Awww, the first kiss story!! ;-D And your family's home sounds a lot like mine. They built an addition that doubled the size of the original house back when I was in middle school. It will DEFINITELY be a sad day when they sell it (they claim that they never will! ;-))

You've never gotten even ONE ticket?? Gah. Not that I have a bahjillion, but I've definitely been pulled over 5 or so times.

Happy Weekend, Melissa!!

Carolyn said...

I love these posts! :) Such a fun way to learn about bloggers! I love that Elmo is your song that comes to mind. So cute!

ajs {of MN} said...

i knew it was luce before even reading your answer! i ALWAYS crave their baked potato pizza for days after you IG your visit @ the luce! yummmmmmm i LOVED the luce in duluth, my rommie/college BFF worked there :D


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