Friday, January 18, 2013

instagram friday

oh, hello again friday...nice to see you! i'm looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend with the fam. a little lunch date with my bff kelli tomorrow and lambs group at church with azalea on sunday. hope you have a good weekend! 

dad update: my parents are back from their trip to florida. they had a great time and really enjoyed "escaping" life for a while. my dad is getting a new port put in his chest today and has his last round of intense chemo on monday (after that he will do maintenance chemo once a month). as always, your thoughts and prayers are much appreciated! 

a rare morning bath

she runs away any time i try to put clothes on her. ha! 

wednesday lunch: meatballs, avocado, and an orange.
how can you not instagram such randomness? :) 

another ice castle shot

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Sally said...

I have been reading you on Google Reader... didn't see the new blog design until today. (or if I saw it earlier... I was too tired to notice) Looks great!

I didn't know about the ice castle. I went back and read your previous post about it. I think I would've expected ice blocks, too.


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