Monday, December 10, 2012

christmas cookies, sparkle birthday party, let it snow!

friday night we had dinner at thatcher's parents' and helped them decorate their tree. thatcher's brother and sister and our nephew were there too. it was a nice, relaxing night. 

saturday afternoon, i spent 4 hours baking and decorating christmas cookies with my neighbor, rebekah. it's been our tradition for the last few years. azalea came over and "helped" (aka gave rebekah a heads up on what she will have to baby proof - haha!). crazy to think that her soon-to-be born little boy will be almost a year old when we do cookies next year! 

 azalea quality checking the cookies ;) 

rebekah and azalea getting down to business

saturday night, i had my best friend kelli's birthday party. she invited a bunch of people to go out to a the loop bar and asked us all to wear something sparkly! :) originally the party was supposed to begin at 8pm, then it got moved to 9pm. it's no secret that i'm not a late-night bar kinda girl, so a 9pm start was already pushing it for me. well, as these things go, the birthday girl and some others got delayed, so they weren't going to be at the bar until 10pm. ummm i'm in bed by then most nights. haha. but i love my kelli, so i ventured out past my bedtime to join the party. it was a lot of fun once i got there, but i forgot to take any pics. after seeing kelli and catching up with some people, i left after about an hour. my little "alarm clock" has no sympathy for her mama out late partying ;) 

the biggest deal of the weekend was our first impending snow storm of the season. originally they forecasted 3-5 inches where we live. there was at least 3 inches on the ground when we woke up sunday morning. it was so pretty!

we took azalea out in it for the first time (that she could remember). she wasn't sure what to think of it, and did a lot of clinging and whining. haha! 

i could tell the roads were not in good shape, but my mom and i had committed to bringing treats and doing kitchen clean up at church, so we were obligated to go. i left azalea home with thatcher and picked up my mom. the drive to church wasn't too bad, the drive home was a little worse. i got home and hunkered down for the rest of the day. it snowed all day! thatcher was nice enough to do all of the shoveling.

i sent azalea back out for round 2...she didn't last long

 i cleaned, watched elf, and played with azalea all afternoon and evening. that was a lot of hours to kill in the house with a toddler. we read books over and over, and even busted out some of the toddler busy bags. but we survived. we were supposed to have our friend (who was also our realtor) over for dinner, but we decided to reschedule because of the roads. monday's commute should be interesting!  


Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! LOVE the photo of you three in the snow. Just precious :-D

~Dawn~ said...

Those Christmas cookies look delicious...YUM!! :)

Azalea looks so cute all bundled up in the snow. Give her another year or 2 and she'll be LOVING it! :)

Sarah said...

I love her cute owl hat! I am surprised she didn't like the snow. Aubrey LOVED it and didn't want to come inside. Hopefully she will start liking it!

Becky said...

Love the pics of Azalea in the snow and her little owl hat is adorable and I wish I could pull that looks off :)

I hope your commute this morning wasn't too bad! I'm not gonna lie, I'm so happy I don't have to deal with that - I'm sure it won't be gone when I have to go back to work though~

Happy Monday!

JJ said...

Those cookies look so yummy!I'm baking this upcoming weekend and I cannot wait.

Love the owl hat on Azaela, she's such a cutie!

Brittany said...

I love seeing little kids in the snow, they are so cute!

Laura Darling said...

Those cookies look perfect! And Azalea looks so cute all bundled up!

Carolyn said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! I LOVE toddlers in snow suits. SO cute!

ajs {of MN} said...

haha quality check!

avrie also didnt know what to think of all the snooooow! ;) where did you find boots for Azalea?


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