Monday, September 10, 2012

mill city market, housewarming party, ssp picnic

we had the perfect early fall weather this weekend: crisp mornings, warm afternoons. thatcher, azalea and i headed to the mill city farmer's market on saturday morning. it's my favorite market in the twin cities and for some reason i hadn't made it there all summer! which was actually okay, because i absolutely love going in the fall. there's something about walking around the market, dressed in jeans and a long sleeved shirt, with a warm mocha in hand that makes me giddy. i had high hopes that my favorite coffee vendor at the market, bolt coffee and juice bar would have their amazing pumpkin spice lattes available (side note: these kick starbucks' butt all the way to china!). sadly the woman told me they won't have them until october. all the more reason to go back, right? 

scenes from the market and the guthrie observation deck

azalea enjoyed running around the guthrie. good thing there weren't many people around!  

in the afternoon, i had a lunch date with my friend kelli. we went to the good earth bakery at the galleria. we sat out on the patio and it was gorgeous! i brought azalea over to my parents for a little visit, then we picked up thatcher and took a trip to home depot. looked at screen doors, but no purchases yet. saturday night we were invited to our old neighbors' housewarming party at their new house. we left azalea with thatcher's parents so we could relax at the party. the new house was awesome! it was designed by an architect in the 60's (or 70's) and all of their furniture and decor matches the house perfectly. it was fun to see! i realize not having any pictures doesn't exactly do it justice. :) 

sunday we met up with a bunch of our old community ed co-workers for a picnic at minnehaha falls. we all get together a couple times a year to catch up. it was a beautiful day! 

 kristin, lilah, kelli, and azalea 

everyone's backs :) 


Syndal said...

i love these photos :) looks so fun-I will have to try the mill city farmer's market!

Carolyn said...

I love that farmer's market! So much fun! :)

~Dawn~ said...

I must try the mill city market - looks amazing.

Kelly said...

Omigosh. WHAT a nice weekend you had!! Everything sounds like it was so nice and relaxing. Pretty photos :-)


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